Thursday, January 17, 2019

Islam Critiqued: Recommended YouTube Channel

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I would like to highly recommended the YouTube Channel 'Islam Critiqued'. Colin, the owner of this channel, has produced a series of educational videos on Islam including  topics related to biblical theology and sharing the Gospel with Muslims. The topics Colin presents on are well researched and he engages these topics with Muslims as can be seen in the comment sections under his YouTube videos. Check out Colin's channel and pass the word around to others who may be interested. To access the Islam Critiqued channel please click here.


Behieh Ruhi said...

The Blessed Rabbi Tovia Singer Explain Judo-Islamic Heritage

Jeanne T said...

I just recently discovered this channel. It is excellent!

Unknown said...

Did you know India's first woman Imam jamidha left Islam. I request acts17apologetics to make a video about that.