Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sharia in Europe: Human Rights Court Adopts Islamic Blasphemy Laws

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently ruled that freedom of speech must be balanced with "protecting the religious feelings" of others. Hence, Europeans are no longer allowed to call Muhammad offensive names like "pedophile," even though he had sex with a prepubescent nine-year-old girl named Aisha.


Anonymous said...

The inane and pusillanimous Europeans are doing EXACTLY what they did when Hitler was coming to power. Hence, the EU is already on the path to self-destruction.

BTW: Will this ‘kangaroo’ like court protect Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc, believes TOO?

Chevaucheur said...

Nice job !
Nice work.
I like your analysis of islam.

Look at this picture, please.
For a more exhaustive behavior.

Unknown said...

I am afraid we are not going to win muslims for Christ offending them. If I were you, I would choose another strategy like LOVING them.

Thistlequeen said...

I believe the woman you are referencing is the very courageous Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. Here is more on the story: and here is a 13-minute video of her discussing the state of freedom of speech in Europe from May 2018:

Keith said...

Loving Muslims involves telling them the truth. Even if it's "offensive".

umerdeen said...

I am an ex-muslim. Muslims will never understand love, they will use love as your weakness. People like David Wood, Apostate prophet, CP, Ali Sina etc. are following the correct approach. Muslims always think they are superior religion, unless they are told the truth about Islam, they will never listen to any other approach of kindness and love.

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