Tuesday, August 7, 2018

When Jesus spoke of the Comforter in John 14-16, was He speaking of the coming of Muhammad as Muslim apologists claim? I answer this question with Pastor Thabet Megaly on Alhorreya TV.


foofy said...

Jesus clearly was not. There are no Bible-based reasons that the Comforter isn't the Holy Spirit, as the Bible says this explicitly.

Verily, the entire point of the text was that Jesus comforted the disciples by explaining that He was going to keep them provided for. He wouldn't leave His disciples on their own after He died, resurrected, and ascended to Heaven in His living body. Jesus had been a Comforter to the disciples, and He said that God would bring the disciples another one.

John 14-16 describes the Comforter in many ways:

1) Can only be received by the disciples, and is known to the disciples.
The world cannot receive the Comforter, as the world doesn't know who the Comforter is. The world can't even SEE the Comforter. However, The Comforter will dwell with the disciples. The Comforter will be within the disciples. (Bible quotation available upon request)

2) God will send the Comforter in the Name of Jesus.
(Bible quotation available upon request)

3) The Comforter is described explicitly as the Holy Spirit,(Bible quotation available upon request) a figure whom readers who are familiar with the Torah and the writings of the other Old Testament prophets would have been familiar with. He is known for filling people who were godly. (Quotations are available for this.). The Holy Spirit also makes multiple appearances in the Gospels. (Quotations are also available for this)

4) The Comforter will teach the disciples all things. (Quotations available)

5) The Comforter will bring everything Jesus said to the disciples when He was on Earth back into their memory.

6) Jesus will ask the Father to send the Comforter to His disciples. The Comforter proceeds from the Father.

7) The Comforter will testify about Jesus. The disciples will also bear witness about Christ, as they have been with Jesus since the beginning of His public ministry.

8) Jesus says that it's good if He leaves the disciples because then the Comforter will come to the disciples.

9) When the Comforter comes, He will reprove the world for 3 things.
9.1) The Comforter will rebuke the world of sin (because they don't believe on Jesus)
9.2) The Comforter will reprove the world to righteousness (because Jesus has gone to be with the Father, and the disciples would not see Jesus anymore)
9.3)The Comforter will reprove the world that they will be judged, because the "prince of this world" (the devil) is being judged.

10)Jesus has many things to say to the disciples, but they can't bear them yet, yet when the Comforter comes, he will guide the disciples into all truth.
The Comforter will not talk about things He wants to talk about, but he will speak about what He hears. The Comforter will show the disciples the future.

11)He shall glorify Jesus. Jesus said the Comforter "shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you." (John 16:14-15)

That is my summary of what about 6 verses out of the whole 3 chapters say about this figure, which isn't much.

To get the result they prefer, it looks a lot like they have to cherry-pick parts of the text they like. That's kind of the idea with their view of the Bible. You guys note in the video how they think many texts are corrupted, and stuff, but they really like to cherry-pick texts.

Unknown said...

Can you explain a Barnabas Evangelical ?

Markst3r said...

The Borg and Islam

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