Sunday, April 8, 2018

EXPERIMENT: Will a Cat Walk on the Quran?

Numerous videos on YouTube claim that the Quran must be the Word of God, because cats will not walk on the Quran (see here, here, and here). But what happens when we put this "Quran miracle" to the test? Will Allah vindicate his book by keeping a cat from walking on it? Let's find out.


Unknown said...

😂😅😂.....hey David,

You should make a movie on Muhammad and have you play Muhammad !!!😅😂

Jessica S said...


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Sanaullah Kiani said...

This is not a proof or evidence rather there are bundle of other real and acceptable evidence in the world. One of them is its memorization and reading 24/7 in the world. A Muslim kids of age 5 to 7 can memorize it in very few months. And I dont think it is for any other book we have example for. if you want your kids to memorize locally or online you can do it. I am here recommending one source for online. Online Quran classes for kids

Benjie Dragneel said...
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Benjie Dragneel said...

Our God didnt order us to kill dogs!..those stupid people just made that things up... rather what really tech in the Quran is to love our invironment,animals.....there are lot of people there who love inventing falsehood, if you want to know about Islam, you should ONLY read the Quran!