Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jesus vs. Mithra: Did Christians Copy from the Mithra Cult when it came to the Birth of Jesus?

In this next video, my good friend Pastor Sule and I answer the oft-repeated and debunked claim that Christians were copy cats and that they borrowed the birth story of Mithra in December and applied it to Jesus. This is a claim many of our Muslim friends are prone to make including many well meaning Christians. Watch and learn and please share the video.


Stewart said...

Your video mentions nothing about the 587 BCE capture of Jerusalem and exile of Jews to Babylon only to be returned after Babylon was captured by the Persians. Could the December 25 birthdate have come to Christianity, not from the Romans, but from Persia through the Jews, who themselves picked up some religious ideas from Zoroastrianism?

Angelo Immanuel said...

If Christianity is copied from anywhere then just see and study LAMININ in Google, Google images or watch the videos about LAMININ in youtube by Louie Giglio or Perry Stone.

Tony Costa said...

Stewart, we did't mention the capture of Jerusalem in 586 / 587 B.C. by the Babylonians because it was irrelevant. The cult of Mithra was not prominent in Persia as Zoroastrians acknowledged only Ahura Mazda as the one supreme god. After the Babylonian exile the Jews virtually abandoned polytheism and idolatry. The history of religions school argued that the Jews adopted many of the views of Zoroastrianism and incorporated them into Judaism. That view has been challenged and has been seriously questioned. I don't think it's convincing at all. Mithra has no connections to December 25 whatsoever. Scholars in the 19th century made the mistake of identifying Mithra with 'Sol Invictus' (the unconquerable sun) but Mithra was a different deity. As I mentioned in my other videos, the Roman Emperor Aurelian deliberately moved the birth of Sol to December 25 to counter the Christians' use of the date in relation to Christ's nativity. So in short, the birth date of Mithra on December 25 is a myth (no pun intended). For more information see