Monday, December 25, 2017

What is the Relationship of Santa Claus to Christmas and Who were the Magi?

Some Muslims will claim, as well as some well intentioned Christians, that Christmas developed from paganism and that there is nothing 'Christian' about this holiday. An example of a Muslim polemic against Christmas can bee seen here. Since this is a subject that Muslim apologists usually use to discredit Christianity I am posting this video and others that will follow where I and my good friend Pastor Sule Prince answer some of the most common questions raised about Christmas and its alleged ties to paganism. The goal of these video series is to dispel common misunderstandings and inaccuracies both among Muslims and Christians regarding this Christian celebration.


Richard said...

Whilst mostly OK as far as it goes the exposition is a bit thin. A lot more is known about St Nicholas than is given here. For example he is also famous for saving unjustly condemned men from being executed. It would also have been worth mentioning that his feast is 6th December and was a huge commercial event in pre-reformation Holland, almost overshadowing Christmas. After the reformation Catholic feasts could not be celebrated religiously so a secularised version (Santa Claus) was created to keep the trade going. It was this secular version that was exported to America. By the way the idea that the Coca-Cola comp[any had a big influence on the development of the character is itself an urban myth that seems to have been propagated by the Coca-Cola company. The red and white colours existed long before - they are simply the traditional colours for depicting saintly bishops. Many ancient icons of St Nicolas use these colours.

Also worth noting that "Father Christmas" is actually a different character altogether. He is originally a northern European figure of pagan origin. In Russia he is Grandfather Frost. It is from this character that the sleigh derives, the animals pulling it seem to depend on the country. IN Russia they are horses whereas further west they are reindeer. None of that has anything to do with St Nicolas. There are no reindeer in Asia Minor where he lived.

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