Sunday, November 5, 2017

Zakir Naik, Muhammad, and the Comforter: An Examination of John 14:16

One of Dr. Zakir Naik's favorite topics is "Muhammad in the Bible." Dr. Naik claims that when Jesus spoke about the "Comforter" in John 14:16, he was referring to Muhammad. But there's a problem for Dr. Naik here. Jesus said, in John 16:7, that if he goes away, he will send the Comforter. So Jesus is the one who sends the Comforter. According to Islam, however, Muhammad was sent by Allah. So if Jesus sends the Comforter, and Allah sends Muhammad, and the Comforter is Muhammad, Jesus must be Allah!


Marlin Thayananthan said...

This came into pass on the Pentecoast Day...Holy descended in tongues of fire to strengthen the beleivers with boldness, wisdom,truth etc. Jesus sends the Holy Sprit as he knows thar the flesh nature of men will always drag towards sin. Hence a Divine Helper, the Holy Spirit can only help men to lead them in the ways of God because he comes and dwells within us. Can a prophet do this? Jesus himself said "it is finishef" after he completes his mission on earth. Hence there is nothing to add to finished work of calvary. We are ought to receive and believevthe Good News.

spunkmayer2 said...

The only other problem for Christians is that Jesus said several times that he was also sent by the father, so obviously he is not the father and therefore not Allah.

Andrew said...

@ spunkmayer. Its Christianity 101 that Jesus isn't the Father. But he is God. He said he and the Father are one.