Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to Refute Islam in Less than Ten Minutes: The Crucifixion Dilemma

Here is a short video in which I show how you can refute Islam in less than 10 minutes, with only a minimal knowledge of the Qur'an. I call this argument the "crucifixion dilemma". Check it out!

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Unknown said...

Seems like you're using the Bible to defeat the Muslim's belief in the "swoon theory."
Wouldn't a Muslim just say that the Bible is corrupt and not to be trusted or believed?

Jasem said...

Thank you for the video, Mr. Jonathan. But my worry is how to get past the blanket claim that Jews and Christians have corrupted all Scripture and therefore nothing from them can be trusted, save what is in the Quran. And if one was to refute such a claim by pointing out that the Quran directs Muslims to confirm its ayats in the Torah and Injeel, which have not changed since the time they were penned down, still the aforementioned blanket claim is used in reply with the slight modification that Scripture was corrupted (or further corrupted) shortly after the death of Mohammed. It really is a frustrating farce but that's how Muslims "win" arguments and refuse to allow reason be heard above their yells of "Corrupted! Corrupted!" Is there any way to get around this claim? Because if we can then many proofs for Christ will be irrefutable and impervious to the "claim of corruption".

Thanks, again, for all your hard work.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jonathan. Excellent and clear explanation for refuting the comments on Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

Joseph2009 said...

Yes Muslims can use the. Straw man argument
That the old and New Testament are corrupt
But you have proof that this is not the case the Quran
Is judged by the New Testament not the other way around since the New Testament
Came over 600 yrs before the Quran and before the religion
Of Islam was even started and also you can point out the verse
Not sure where in the Quran but it states only allah can change the words
In his writings so if Muslims accept that Allah wrote the Old Testament
For the Jews and the New Testament for the Christians and only
He has the power to change them then no the excuse of corruption
Of these two scriptures is a false claim that Muslims make