Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Palm Sunday Bombings: Are Coptic Christians Islamophobes?

On April 9th, 2017, ISIS-linked jihadis bombed Coptic Christians at St. George's Church and St. Mark's Cathedral in Egypt. Since these attacks have been going on for centuries, and since the attacks are promoted in the Qur'an and the Hadith, are Copts irrational for being concerned about Islam?


John said...

Dear David! Dear fan community of David Wood!

Congratulation to your excellent speech about the Palm Sunday bombings. Thanks for accusing Western journalists, politicians and Muslim organisations of white- washing Islam. Just let me add another organization that joins to the dhimmitude of boot- licking Islam: the Catholic church!
Recently I attended one of their seminars on disinformation about Islam (target audience were mainly employees of the church, but also interested believers and non- believers). Referring to "Nostra Aetate", Muslims are called our "Cousins in faith". Parallels to the Bible are drawn, f. i. by quoting Hadith Muslim 2569: "In the afterlife Allah will ask a man: I was ill and you did not visit me, I was hungry and you did not give me food, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, ...".- The lecturer compared this Hadith with Mt 25, 31 - 46, letting one conclude that Islam is nothing else than a Christianity without Christ.
As a good student of David Wood, I tried to oppose to their false teachings as good as I could, but as a single critical person in the audience I got lost.

There will be another such propaganda event in near future, http://www.theologischekurse.at/site/veranstaltungen/islamische-christliche-theologie-im-gespraech , in the Western part of Austria.

Help me to undermine the greatest source of oppression! If you live in Switzerland, Austria or certain Southern parts of Germany: Apply to this special course of "theological education"! Help me arguing against their false teachings! Let us spit into their soup of lies and taqqiya!

The course "Islamische und Christliche Theologie im Gespr├Ąch" will be held from Saturday, July 2nd, to Friday, July 7th, 2017, in Bildungshaus Batschuns (Vorarlberg, Western federal state of Austria).

Last day of application: April 28th , 2017.

I hope to find combatants in this manner. Thanks again to you, David, that I can express myself on your homepage.
With best regards, John.

Unknown said...

Islam and terrorisme are different things look for 'zakir naik' on youtube

Jay said...

Anti Terror court in India issues warrant against Zakir Naik:

Marco Pollini said...

Dear Mr. Wood, please when you upload your video in youtube, please add the possibilities to have subtitle so even who don't understand english would be able to understand you talk, which are very important to be understood all over the word, expecially here in Europe where we are invaded by muslim.
Thanks a lot ( and sorry for my uncorrect write in english)
Please keep going with your work, we need it
Best regards

(from Italy)

Cheryl Baghernejad said...

We pay for Egypt"S military budget, as usual even when we don't approve.