Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is Sharia Law Coming to Canada? The Battle for Free Speech

The Canadian Parliament will be voting either this Wednesday of Thursday on Motion 103 which seeks to condemn all forms of Islamophobia. The problem is, the term Islamophobia is never defined. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom already guarantees freedom of religion, as well as freedom of opinion, expression and so forth. The Criminal Code of Canada also protects various groups of people from hate crimes which includes Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all religious groups. So why do we need this Motion to give special status to Islam which in fact contravenes the Canadian Charter? Why not also include Judeophobia, Christophobia, and Hinduphobia? Why does Islam receive special rights? The 57 member state organization (all of which are Muslim countries) called the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) also wanted to pass a resolution at the United Nations making Islamophobia an offence. For more information on the OIC and Islamophobia click here. A number of videos addressing this issue were put together with two of my colleagues Rev. Sule Prince, and Dr. Scott Masson, We would appreciate your prayers as Canada as a nation is entering a very dangerous point in our history, If you are a Canadian and would like to sign an online petition to stop Motion 103 please click here.

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