Monday, December 19, 2016

Responding to Speaker's Corner Encounters 1: Hamza Myatt vs. Liz

I recently put together a series of four videos responding to some very muddled argumentation presented by Muslim polemicist Hamza Myatt of Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, in an encounter with a Christian friend of mine, Liz Mooney. I was joined by my friends Vladimir Susic (from Montenegro) and Chris Claus (from Canada). I have embedded the videos below -- enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Unknown said...

No doubt many of the followers of a given religion, believe that religion to be true. And when debating the virtues and superiority of our religion, we may errantly personalise arguments and lose site of the goal. Debate is not of winning or losing but to manifest the truth before the listeners. It matters not if the truth is accepted by the listener at that point. Pride can come between man and the truth. In accepting Jesus Christ and truly loving him and loving all of God's messengers, the first and the last, will the doors to guidance open up. Let us put pride to one side and realise THE fundamental message that each of God's Prophets conveyed:

That is God is THE Creator and The Sustainer. He is One, Unique, Perfect, All powerful and Hid Mercy and Kindness are limitless. And He is without partners and why would he be in need of partners for He is not in need of anything or anyone and everything is in need of Him.