Monday, December 12, 2016

Licking Muhammad's Fingers

In Islam's most trusted sources, Muhammad told his follower that, when they eat, they must either lick their own fingers, or have other people lick their fingers for them. Why the strange ruling? Muhammad explains:


Sandhupama Liyanage said...

Always waiting for your next work, Mr wood. Even though I'm of a different religion, I must say I've learnt a lot, especially on how to debate a Muslim, more logically than I used to.

Vinod Kumar said...

Now we understood why Islam against making cartons/jokes. ..
Because quran itself is the ultimate joke. :)

Naram-Sin said...

I encourage all Muslims to lick the fingers of other Muslims, especially when they have been eating with the left hand.

Fatimah said...

It is so reassure me that some one brave and talented as well as fair and honest as you, MR WOOD, you make me want to learn more about bible as well as qur, what kind of quran should I buy with english translation.

How could I arrange for you to have an event/presentation in the UK..ideally where lots of muslim reside, how much do you charge, how do I ARRANGE IT?

Fatimah said...

well, I understand now, why they keep terrorising others - obviously if they were born and only knew what they had been told without reading the Quran itself they will not know what in the quran, that was shocking how quran (the words of ''ALLAH'') teaching such a violent act, in human - sadist- I have never aware about it - i am glad that accidently I follow the you tube and found your presentation - I really keen to have young muslim in the UK to be informed about the teaching - so that they can reform their religion for not taking those ''barbaric'' acts.