Monday, October 24, 2016

Was Muhammad a Prophet of God? Was Paul a Disciple of Jesus? Tony Costa vs. Shabir Ally

On Monday October 17, 2016 I debated Shabir Ally in Canada on two questions: 1) Was Muhammad a Prophet of God? and 2) Was Paul a Disciple of Jesus? The debate is followed by a Q & A period where people phoned in their questions. Please remember Shabir in your prayers that he would come to know true peace with God and a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Keith said...

Yes, I want to pray for Shabir too and hope he sees the light of the real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, soon.

JMoses said...

I know nothing is impossible for God, but Shabir is too knowledgable to be blind. His blindness is an act of the Will. He knows enough to see that his prophet is a fraud, but Shabir would argue himself out of drinking water if he could. There is no argument no matter how powerful and persuasive and coherent that would break this man's stubborn unwillingness to hold Mohammed to the same standard that he holds against Paul. There are a plethora of Islamic traditions that frame Mohammed as a vile man and an imposter. Yet, Shabir chooses to ignore these traditions. Meanwhile, Shabir hyper examinates even the tiniest and most trivial biblical "hint" that might remotely suggest that Paul had an agenda to corrupt Christianity. This in itself proves that no argument is sufficient for Shabir. Although we can continue to pray for him, I would suggest to all future debaters, please do not take it easy on Islam, speak cordially but decisively and clear cut with no hesitation to expose the many contradictions and villainous teachings found in Islam and the sunnah.

JMoses said...

Thank you Dr. Costa for doing a great job. I appreciate your patience, intellect, and skill. Your a blessing.