Monday, October 10, 2016

Is Christianity a Copy Cat Religion?

The idea that Christianity is a copy cat religion has been entertained by many atheists and critics of the Christian faith, especially those who belong to the 'Christ myth' camp that argue Jesus of Nazareth never existed and was merely a copy of ancient Egyptian gods and and other pagan religions. Sometimes Muslims will borrow these types of arguments to show that the picture of Jesus presented in the New Testament is derived from pagan sources whereas Islam presents the correct view of Jesus. In this brief video, my friend Rev. Sule Prince and I engage the 'copy cat' theory and show why it is nothing but conjectural nonsense. If you are interested in other topics which we engage please click here.


Angelo Immanuel said...

What ? hahahaha........... Islam is copycat. Jesus - Isa, Moses - Musa, David - Daud, Abraham - Ibrahim, Amen - Amin. Sooooooooo many.

Read the description of my facebook cover photo, to know why Muslims should leave Islam and why people should not convert to Islam.

Unknown said...

The fact that "christianity" began with Adam ought to effectively eliminate any possibility that it is a copy cat religion.

TPaul said...

@Jackson G
Verbal irony much....?

Unknown said...

@TPaul Sorry I don't follow.