Thursday, September 29, 2016

Converted2Islam: Islamic Forgiveness

Here's another excellent video by former Muslim Ismaa'eel Abu Adam (Converted2Islam), proving that the murder of Nahed Hattar for "insulting Islam" is thoroughly Islamic.

For more on the murder of Nahed Hattar, click here.


Naram-Sin said...

I'm sure that Muhammad would have forgiven Abdulla completely if only one of his followers had cut of Abdulla's head.

Tim said...

I think the lack of a robust doctrine of forgiveness in Islam impels many of the jihadist-Islamic-terrorists.

My understanding of Islam theology is that, on judgment day, if one's good acts outweigh one's bad acts, and if one is a Muslim, then one goes into heaven. So people with a guilty conscience such as someone who has drank alcohol, partied, gone to strip clubs, may one day wake up with a kind of spiritual crisis one day. Many of the 911 perpetrators and the girl who was besieged by the Paris police, were all partiers. Without a robust doctrine of forgiveness, there is little left for restoration with God.

The only thing available is martyrdom. A muslim who dies trying to expand Islam gets to go straight to paradise, bypassing judgment day, bypassing the weight for judgment day, and bypassing judgment. Ultimately this is messed up.

Tom said...

To keep it very simple, the shedding of blood is needed for Salvation!

In Christianity the Perfect Man, Jesus shed His Blood for all, One person shed for many, Salvation is Guaranteed.

In islam, the perverted, adulterated form is, blood is shed in the name of their allah through martyrdom! In other words, many person's blood is shed for one!This is the twisted misguided form of "guarantee"!

Blood is shed in both Theology BUT one is from The God of Abraham, the other is by allah/satan!