Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Zakir Naik Is a Joke!

I get several messages per day asking me why I don't debate Zakir Naik. The answer is simple: Zakir Naik is a coward who refuses to face experienced Christian debaters. Naik has never once faced an experienced Christian debater, and he never will.


Anonymous said...

ridiculing and belittling others in public is immature and probably sinful

Unknown said...

David, thanks to you I have learned a copious amount of very interesting things regarding Islam and often post your videos on a blog.
Searching Anwseringislam and Acts17Apologetics Youtube channel I have failed to locate a video succinctly explaining the often controversial topic of the Mahdi or "Guided One" - Antichrist - False Prophet - Jesus - and of course 666 Mark Of The Beast.
Your expertise is highly regarded and a video covering this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Stumbling upon this website - http://www.666soon.com/is_the_mahdi_connected_to_the_an.htm

prompted me to inquire what your opinion of the information presented would be, and is it accurate from your understanding?
Thank You for your time and God Bless you and your family,
David Wiley

Andrew said...

Yeah right Paul. You allow Christians to be called dogs on your site. Ie Faiz calls someone Fido repeatedly. And what you allow Kareem to call Sam is disgusting. You should win a gold medal for hypocrisy.

The Burwell Family Travels said...

Naik actually teaches that the consumption of pork leads to wife swapping.

The Burwell Family Travels said...

Pig is the most shameless animal

The pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends to have sex with its mate. It feels no jealousy. And among people who consume pork, the practice of wife swapping and other forms of promiscuous behaviour is common.

Syed Ahmed Kashif said...

If you think Dr. Zakir Naik is coward then why don't you go to his place and challenge him instead of arguing like a child on his status.

Syed Ahmed Kashif said...

Your method is to distract people only, and according to your own bible if anyone distract anyone then he/she or they will find death and hell afterward.

Unknown said...

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

1 Corinthians 15:58

Andrew said...

"...why don't you go to his place and challenge him..." says Syed

Where I come from we have a legal term for that and it's called stalking.

Andrew said...

Hello Syed, I'm intrigued. Can you tell me where in the bible "distract anyone" lands you in Hell?

Reg Singh said...

Are non-pork eaters not far more likely to be terrorists than pork eaters? Can we draw any conclusions from this?

Unknown said...

Divid you are absolutely a joke,why do you hate Islam and Muslims ?why aren't you sincer in finding a truth in Islam ? islam and Christianity share a lot of value and principles...we my not agree in God concept...but we share too many things.as you know that charity is good according to Christianity why are you naming Zakir Nik and prophet Muhamed (pbuh)for giving charity to the poor peopel,you Also said that Zakir Nik does not want to debate you that's because you already have set your mind to hate isl am ,....,you need to be able to accept the truth where ever you find it as the prophet Jesus (pbuh)said.i know that many Christian evangelists goes to Africa and give charity to the poor peopel theire in order to convert them to the Christianity,is that Wright for for Christian not for Zakir Nik?...why do you have double standards?

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting, Paul, is that you banned my from your blog without giving any explanation. When I politely asked you about it in email, you called me a booby. Do you truly care about manners? And if so, where is the consistency?

Tom said...

Hey, @youguerten ouikhalfen

you should as yourself a very simple question, "Who initiated/started the hate process"?

Judaism & Christianity was already in existence for more than 600 years before your muhammad came & taught the people to hate both groups of people!

We dont need muhammad who only came to Pervert & Twist everything that the God of Abraham has already taught & shown us, His plans for our Salvation!

So dont, ask us why we hate islam!It is a stupid question!
We dont hate muslims, the people but only the twisted, perverted ideology called islam!

Jesus taught us to "Love our enemies"... so that means we dont hate people, we hate ideas that twist & pervert what the God of Abraham has already stated!

The Burwell Family Travels said...

youguerten the reason Naik will not debate is because he knows that he will be exposed as both ignorant and dishonest.

foofy said...

Youguerten Ouikhalfen:

About your claims about charity to poor people...
What I know is that missionaries do sometimes give people food if they come and listen to someone preach, and they might give a Bible. However, charity, for a Christian, does not require the recipient to be Christian themselves.

I've never heard of missionaries in Africa giving people money to entice them to convert to Christianity. I even tried Google. Nothing about Africa came up. People in India sometimes say Christian evangelists do it there, and I am having trouble getting to the bottom of the claims. If it were a widespread practice, it would probably be seen as unethical because people would not become Christian out of commitment or belief, but rather they would be going through the motions. The reason that there are many Christians in Africa is because some people believed in what the missionaries said.

Based on this article

Would any of our Indian readers by any chance know how poor Edapally is, Kochi is, or how poor Palakkad is? The issue is not really about giving blind beggars in urban city centers (i.e. Mumbai) money, this Jacob family sounds pretty normal.

About your debate claims:
I understand that you are offended by the video, but people keep asking David to debate him. You stating motives why Naik won't debate Wood seem hollow in light of the fact that Naik did not state these motives himself.

Is Naik willing to accept the truth of the gospel found in Christianity? Jesus said that no one comes to the Father except through Him.
David has had lots of time to examine the claims of your religion and finds them wanting. In fact, he had a friend who was Ahmadiyya Muslim (Americans do not treat Ahmadis different from Sunnis or Shia Muslims) and they were good friends. That friend is Nabeel Qureshi.

MARIUS_Titus2v13 said...

David, I don't know if this is an outdated comments string but for what it is worth your youtube channel is very alive and I am "hooked" on it and love your live streaming.
I have a suggestion that came to mind watching your Islamitized Me series. You know Christian Prince well and he can do a Zakir "SUCKER" Naik impression very well.S.N.said to CP that if he brings with him 2000 people to India that he will debate him. Needless to say what CP answered him. You and CP can have a killer "fake" debate on your channel and then you two can opening all the tins of worms about this cult. I don't know if that will get you guys further into trouble but that will be a blast to hear what you and CP can do together in a series of debates like this. It is just my 2-pennies thoughts on this Sucker Naik while downloading your whole website. God bless.