Friday, August 5, 2016

Islamic Dawah: Not So Easy After All?

Here is my latest video I did with my good friend Vladimir Susic reviewing a video released by the "Dawah is Easy" YouTube channel. We show that perhaps Islamic Dawah is not so easy after all.


Unknown said...

"Do you believe Jesus is God or someone sent by GOD" Answer YES lol

Unknown said...

We know that what we see, we must believe it. We see all devote Muslims are Jihadists and all Jihadists are terrorists and terrorists receives command from Devil to kill, sell sex slaves, have sex with married women etc. etc. as ISIS and other Islamic parties are doing in Muslims countries following footstep of Muhammad. We also know that good does not come out of evil doers. This proved Quran is a book inspired by Evil spirit. So anything comes from evil book about Holy God is not believable. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear must read the Holy Bible and the Quran comparatively to find out which book is sinking sands to lead individual souls to destruction. Choice is personal for risk taking believing one over the other and result could be found at the end of the world.

Danny L. Newton said...

We probably won't see the missing episodes when he is taught the Arabic for Halal, Haram and Zakat.