Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"Is Jesus God, or is He a Prophet of Islam?" Shabir Ally vs. Jonathan McLatchie: Watch the Live-Stream This Friday

This coming Friday, August 12th, Dr. Shabir Ally and I will be engaging in a public dialogue in Woolwich, London. This will be the second time that Dr. Shabir Ally and I have debated. A year ago, I did my first ever formal public debate with Shabir Ally on the nature of God in Islam and Christianity (Tawhid vs. Trinity). It is amazing to think that only a year later, this will be my eighth formal debate (my 15th if you count my radio debates).

Our subject will be the identity of Jesus in Islam and Christianity. The event begins at 5:15pm GMT (12:15pm Eastern / 11:15am Central), and will be live-streamed on the web. Here is the live-stream link:

Please pray for this event, as it is an opportunity for Muslim to be presented with the true Jesus of Scripture and of history, and see his real identity defended in an intellectually compelling way.


Ordinary Logic said...

I'm no prophet but i can prophesy that as usual Shabbir would say Jesus never claimed to be God which awkwardly would contradict the event when Jesus in His 'God-form' was literally admitting as The First&Last,The Alpha&Omega, The All Mighty God in Rev Ch.1 v.8,v.17 and Rev Ch.22v.13.

Then Shabbir would say the statement in John's Gospel,"I am The Way,The Truth and Life" should not be interpreted as it is written while awkwardly a famous Sufi Muslim named Al-Hallaj was put to death by Islamic Judicial court in 10 CE for famously saying "Ana Al Haq" meaning "I am The Truth" because such statement clearly implies Al-Hallaj claimed himself to be God or at least equal w/ God.

Furthermore in Islam no prophet can claim to be the Life because first of all it's the title of Allah in one of his 99 sacred tile (al-Hayyyu) and second, all islamic prophet die even Muhammad, and all islamic schools affirming that NOW Muhammad is NOT in heaven but in the grave however strangely some islamic scholars affirm Jesus is now in heaven and has not died till present day. if Jesus hadn't been God at least he would've been greater than Muhammad in islam's own perspective.

Shabbir would also likely to twist the interpretation of John !4:20 about the union of Jesus with the Father as just some term to describe a mere close relationship and not at all about Jesus's divinity while hypocritically knowing very well any muslim who's stating him/herself to be in union with Allah as Jesus did would be condemned as heretic in the eyes of Islam. This proves another point ; Jesus was not a muslim or even prophet for muslim because no muslim would say that.

And at last Shabbir would use his old repeated mantra about The Bible had been corrupted without giving the exact time when this thing happened whether before,during or after the time of Muhammad, and btw there are two simple antidotes found in Hadiths to counter this nonsense:

First in Sahih Bukhari volume 1 Book 1 Numbers 3 states Waraqa ibn Nawfal(a christian priest who was claimed to be the one confirming muhammad prophethood) was WRITING GOSPEL in Hebrew as much as Allah WISHED him TO WRITE. Based on this authentic hadith this means if Gospel had already been corrupted BEFORE Muhammad's prophethood it would've made Allah as the propagator and encouragor of corruption YET if Gospel was corrupted DURING Muhammad's time as prophet it would certainly make him as a FAILURE , not to mention CARELESS person for so 'easily" let the Gospel book from his own relative (Khadijah's uncle) which was WRITTEN UNDER ALLAH'S APPROVAL , to be lost &corrupted entirely. By this alone should disqualify Muhammad's prophethood.

Second, from Sunan Abu Dawud book 38 Number 4434 (Authenticated by Sheikh Albani as Good/Hassan) about Muhammad when wanted to apply stoning according to torah then asked to be given the torah and he literally said to the Book of Torah "I believed in thee and in Him Who revealed thee." Some muslim scholars try to disqualified this hadith however some prominent respected salafi scholar such Albani authenticates it.

Andrew said...

Will do Jonathan. Can I also say you are an example to follow in that you are always polite and respectful no matter the provocation. May the Lord watch over you and bless you and protect you.

Reg Singh said...

Not only does Shabir contradict both Allah and Muhammad with regards to the reliability of the Torah, he also contradicts Jesus. There is zero evidence that Jesus or his early followers rejected the Torah existing in the first century as corrupt.

In addition no recognised Old Testament scholar has found a shred of evidence which shows that the present Torah has evolved from or has its origins in a once existent Torah that taught pure Islamic doctrine. The only Torah that is known to mankind condemns Muhammad as a fraud on every page.