Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fun Islamic Facts 8: Muhammad Was a Sex Addict

According to Islam's most trusted sources, Muhammad would have sex with nine women and girls in a single day, and then brag about it to his fellow Muslims. The only conclusion to draw is that Muhammad was a sex addict.

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Unknown said...

Muhammad is a prophet but prophet of Allah of sex, not God of Abraham, as Muslims believe.

Reason, Muhammad brought sex revolution 500 years after our Lord God Jesus Christ, who brought from Holy God, Gospel for mankind; forgiveness of sins by Jesus’ blood at the Cross. But Muhammad brought sex freedom for Muslims Umma from his Allah, allowing them to keep max 4 wives at any given time and for Muhammad 11 wives and many more sex related surah that allow to keep sex slaves, extra marital sex with married women, child marraige etc., etc.

Allah, god of sex, was so pleased with Muhammad for his sacrifice at young age marrying a 25-year older wealthy woman Khadija, that his Allah made up his loss by issuing a special surah 33:37 that allowed him to marry his daughter-in-law Zaynab, wife of Zayd, and cooling down people’s anger for illegal sex with her. His Allah also allowed him at the age of 50, to marry Aisha a 6-year-old doll playing girl.

This proved Muhammad is a messenger of Sex god called Allah. Today more than 1 billion Muslims of the world responded to his call for sexual revolution in this world as well as in heaven if Muslims keep commitment to die for Muhammad and his Allah.

It is said that sexual revolution came in America during sixties, but Muhammad brought revolution for Muslims during sixth centuries. ISIS allows to keep at any given time 4 women and allows to keep unlimited sex slave for future sale.

Is this not honest conclusion about Muhammad as messengers of Allah, who thru Quran gave Muslims sexual freedom, totally different message from Holy God in the Bible??

Muhammad committed blasphemy and Muslims following Muhammad also committed blasphemy. Thanks Dr. Wood exposing Muhammad's character referring from Hadith that would help people to decide whether Muhammad was true or false prophet.