Monday, August 8, 2016

Fun Islamic Facts 6: Satan Hides in Your Nose

More childish teachings from Muhammad.


Unknown said...

There is an old saying: “Garbage in garbage out GIGO”. Muhammad forcefully induced garbage into Muslims’ head by making them to believe Quran blindly since sixth century and now this generation is watching destruction of the civilized world because of Muhammad’s mantras in Quran. Yesterday by a bomb blast in a Pakistani hospital 72 Muslims have been killed by the name of Allah-Hu-Agbar. But still Muslims in Pakistan do not rise up against Jihadists and band all Jihadists’ activity in Pakistan by new laws in constitution. Muslims’ brain so severely damaged by mantras of Quran that no body dare to go against Quran. I wish Muslims would wake up by your video presentation interpreting surah and realize why do they practice Islam following footstep of Muhammad?? Is Islam giving Muslims any spiritual satisfaction obeying fitrah or do they want more after death?? Thanks David for your effort to explain Quran. No Muslims scholars would educate Muslims as you are doing for fear of exposing garbage of Quran into its followers.

Naram-Sin said...

Where does Satan go after you blow him out of your nose?

Wouldn't the world be a better place if you left Satan in your nose instead of turning him loose on the world? Maybe this explains why Muslim countries are such hell holes, they keep rudely waking Satan up and snorting him out of their noses, which makes him mad.

Unknown said...

Sooo...Satan is a booger?!

Gives new meaning to the "Boogie man"!!!