Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fun Islamic Facts 5: Muhammad Was a Metrosexual

Here's a short video on Muhammad's meticulous grooming habits, for both him and his followers.


Unknown said...

David, Muhammad never saw God nor he talked with God like all other biblical prophets in the Bible. Therefor his instructions for Muslims in Quran like Fitrah, code of urinate etc., and instructions in the Bible for people of God is totally opposite directions. One came from Holy God and the other from Evil. We have to find out which came from what source. Muhammad developed the Quran with inspiration from evil spirit and the 66 books of the Bible was written by different authors in different time with inspiration from Holy Spirit focusing God and His love for mankind. Muhammad forced Muslims to believe Quran blindly by fear of Allah and later Quran made Muhammad as prophet. This is called black magic. Muhammad did not proof himself as prophet from Holy God by spiritual signs but Quran made him as prophet. Believing Quran is personal choice in this world, but getting eternal life to live with God is choice of Jesus Christ who would come to judge all living and dead at the end of the World. Thanks David for educating us with Fitrah of Islam and know the truth.

Naram-Sin said...

I thought that drinking camel urine would have taken care of the need to shave the pubes.