Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fun Islamic Facts 4: Drinking Camel Urine

Muhammad's advice for stomach pain: "Drink camel urine."


Osama Abdallah said...

Ewwww all you want, but the context here is this:

1- There were no advanced medicine and medical technology back then. People were primitive, especially in nomadic Arabia.

2- Even today, urine has been proven to contain some healing to your body. It contains your DNA, and contains secreted minerals. You can visit:

I am not advocating drinking urine today, because science and medicine have advanced to levels that are far beyond any primitive society of old. But for you to sit here and mock out of ignorance is wrong.

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...


There is a medical science today called "urotherapy":

"In alternative medicine, the term urine therapy or urotherapy, (also urinotherapy or uropathy or auto-urine therapy) refers to various applications of human urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, **********including drinking of one's own urine and massaging one's skin, or gums, with one's own urine."

Take care,
Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

To Osama -

Point 1 is invalid because of the claims made by Islam in relation to Muhammad and the claims that the Quran and hadith are from Allah. If that were truly the case then Muhammad's words and actions should show evidence of being from the God who has all wisdom and knowledge. (Although I don't believe that Allah is God.)

Point 2
I copied and pasted your google search link, and the second result that comes up is the wikipedia entry on Urine therapy. It states "There is no scientific evidence of a therapeutic use for untreated urine."

Instead of getting upset about David's mocking how about just admit that Islam is false and leave Islam? The arms of Jesus Christ are wide open and waiting...

Naram-Sin said...

Here is a lesser known haddith that got left out of the accepted versions:

It was narrated from Anas bin Malik that 'after the Prophet sent the Urainah away to drink camel's urine the Messenger of Allah said, "Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! What idiots! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Oh, I've laughed so hard my stomach hurts. Maybe I should drink camel's urine. Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah!" After the Messenger of Allah finished, he thought for a moment and said, "Let's tell everyone to drink camel's urine! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah!" We then went forth and did as the Messenger of Allah commanded.

Unknown said...

Muslims wake up, Quran is ‘Uthman made book. If Quran is book from god/s, why does Allah needs protection from the Muslims, like gang of robbers. Why do Muslims need to kill those who leave Islam willingly? Only Devil's path is one way, can enter into but there is no return. It proved Muslims are like gang of robbers. Allah is a false god like moon god. Almighty God said in the Ten Commandments: "Though shall not kill", but Muhammad's Allah commanded Muslims to kill who give up Islam. What would Muslims' Allah would do at Judgment day if Muslims judge people for Allah??? I am 100% sure Muhammad would be thrown into hell fire, because, he denied Jesus Christ as God. Jesus Christ would come to judge all people at the end of the world, not Muhammad. What would you (Muslims) say when you saw Jesus Christ as God???? Wake up Muslims!!

Zub said...

Here is a little fun parody piece I put together...

As seen when flipping through late night TV in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

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Having trouble concentrating in Koran study?
Feeling worn out from Salah, or have difficulty remembering your Rakats?
Does your Takbir fail to incite deep emotion in fellow believers?

Direct from the Religion Of PEEce... the desert ship elixir that puts modern kafir medicine to shame curing all ills afflicting devout Muslims.
Passed down from on high by our beloved Profit (PBUH) through the golden ages of conquest, you too can enjoy the healing properties of sacred camel milk & urine.
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Harvested from our blessed camels, each are fed organically grown, halal certified, grains, grasses, and dates, in addition to only being allowed to drink the cool refreshing triple filtered waters from the holy springs of ZamZam. The result is our one of a kind special blend, life rejuvenating camel milk & urine tonic not found anywhere else in the world granted to you by Allah most merciful.

For this low introductory price you too can enjoy all the health benefits as outlined in our holy texts and so ordered by our Profit (PBUH).

But wait… if you act now within the next hour we'll also include this beautiful Precocious Moments milk & urine elixir decanter with a golden embossed Shahada inscription. Lovingly hand crafted in astonishing detail just as our beloved Profit (PBUH) would have commissioned. It will be the center piece of the dining room table at all your social gatherings. Milk & urine has never been dispensed in such an honorable way.

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So don't delay... call now. Religion Of PEEce operators are standing by...

Unknown said...

Ah yes , Urine therapy. Gandhi used it , it is a real thing. However , only your own urine is compatible. If I drank yours , it would be VERY unhealthy. Camel urine ? Even worse. FACT. Jesus said Satan is a liar and father of the lie , yet Mohammed wants you to lie and deceive non believers. Though shalt not kill said the Lord. All this death for blasphemy , the weaker ones argument the more aggressive the arguer.

Anonymous said...

Here is the scientific evidence that it can be good against cancer
And for the one who commented that the arms of the Jesus will be open for you, of course it will, because we Muslims love him and respect him more than you Christians and we believe that he's coming back and you know when he came back he will not treat you very soft and calm, he'll tell you that get lost from my sight. Now my question from Christians is why would he tell you that when you do all good things in the name of the Christ,you know why? Because you called him lord you called him god,he's not your god he is the messenger of god

Andy said...

My friend. firstly I don't know if you're serious or just taking the pizz ? Nobody In their right mind Is going to down a glass of camel pee whatever Muslim dubious "research" says. Islam Is losing what little credibility it had in advocating this nonsense.
Secondly, You don't know who Jesus Is. Isa of the Quran Is NOT Christ Jesus of the Holy Bible.
If you really knew who Jesus Is you wouldn't be following the false prophet Muhammad.