Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Rich, Educated Jihadis of Bangladesh

The recent terrorist attack in Bangladesh once again raises the question, "What causes jihad?" Politicians and the media often answer this question by claiming that jihad arises from poverty and lack of education. The Bangladeshi jihadis, however, were wealthy and well-educated. It seems we must search for the source of jihad elsewhere. What happens if we examine the teachings of Muhammad?


Richard said...

"What causes jihad?" Poverty? Lack of education?

"What happens if we examine the teachings of Muhammad?"

Answer - The cause of Islam becomes crystal clear. No need to give other causes, which require long convoluted explanations which do not fit the evidence,

It is commanded for all believing Muslims in Muhammad's teachings and taught as the highest calling of Islam.

PS - Mohammadism is the correct name for Islam. Islam did not exist before Muhammad and there can be no Islam without Muhammad.

Unknown said...

To understand truth about Quran, Muslims must not be biased before start reading that it is a book came from sky surah 69:43. If you are biased, you won’t get any truth. Just think, today’s Quran was compiled by Caliph ‘Uthman and his men, burning Abu Bakr’s Quran, about 20 years after death of Muhammad. Surah is nothing but political statement of Muhammad, said as necessary during his life time to spread his command. Such as, he need to marry his daughter-in-law, he made a surah to calm people’s anger for such illegal relationship.

Allah do not need about 20 years to give only 19 surah if Quran was written earlier and kept in Heaven by Allah. Almighty God took few seconds to write Ten Commandments on two stone and gave to Moses. Is this book Quran that spread violence and killed thousands of Muslim and non-Muslims together around the world, could be a book written by Allah??? Absolutely not, because God is Kind and Merciful. Muhammad gave political statements to kill hypocrites Muslims, Christians and Jews when he needed to control them. It is political book Islamic countries use it to gain political power.

Unknown said...

I hope and pray Almighty God would help open up inner eyes of Muslims mind to see violent picture of Muhammad and his black magic book Quran.

About two thousand years after, it is now clear to people of the World, how Quran makes Muslims minds puppet that even they do not care to kill innocent people by the name Allah-Hu-Agbar, in broad day light. And in support of Jihadist’s Muslims, no Muslims come on the street to protest, as they do when a people burn a Quran.

Now we can understand how strongly Islamic Institutions that propagate Islamic teaching, have influenced in young mind when Muslims 1st come to Madrassa to learn Quran. Stupid Muslims proudly say a child can remember the whole Quran without understanding a single world. This is the result of brainwashed and symptom to become killer puppet in future by the name of Allah. Wake up my Muslims brothers and sisters for the sake of your own immortal souls, otherwise sure to be in HELL cry for water!

angel said...

It's interesting that for a "GOD" Allah seems to need a lot of help, I guess they don't realize that they have turned Allah into a "pimp" as he gives his followers women for sex, a bartender, he lets them drink to their hearts content and a pedophile as he gives the "Pearls beyond price" 300 hundred to be exact for those of you who don't know the "pearls" are little boys for them to have sex with... Nice God don't you think??