Friday, July 8, 2016

Ijaz Ahmad Misrepresents Dr. James White, Sam Shamoun, and Rudolph Boshoff in an Attempt to Divide and Conquer

Ijaz Ahmad, of the Calling Christians blog, is at it again. In an attempt to cause division within the Christian apologetics community (by representing me as being in disagreement with three individuals), Ijaz has been busy deliberately misrepresenting the statements of Christian apologists. How do I know it is deliberate? Because one of those individuals, Rudolph Boshoff of South Africa, participated in a private conversation on Skype with Ijaz, in which Ijaz asked Rudolph about whether he agreed with my views regarding the Trinity, or whether he considered my views to be heretical. Without Rudolph's knowledge or consent, the conversation was recorded. Rudolph communicated to Ijaz that he was in full agreement with what I said, and that my views represent the historical orthodox doctrine of the Trinity. However, Ijaz subsequently released a short portion of his conversation with Rudolph to YouTube, in which he portrayed Rudolph as being in disagreement with me. Both Rudolph and I have courteously requested that the recording be sent to us unedited and in its entirety. Rudolph has asked a total of seven times for the complete recording, and regrettably it has not yet been forthcoming.

Ijaz released another video claiming that I am in disagreement with Dr. James White and Sam Shamoun regarding my views on the Trinity. I contacted Sam Shamoun to ask whether he was in agreement with my views, and he indicated that he is in complete agreement. The video cited an article, written by Sam, at the Answering Islam website, in which Sam says,
"As we clearly proved, historic Christianity has never taught that God (in this case the Father) is the third of a trinity! God is one eternal Being, and the Father is the first Person of the Trinity."
A look at the context of the quoted section (which you can look up for yourself), however, reveals that Sam was saying that the Quran is wrong for saying Allah is the third of the trinity (Surah 5:73), but that, if by God one means the Father then he is the FIRST of the trinity, and if by God one means the Trinity then the trinity isn't the third of anything.

Ijaz also, unfortunately, butchered the comments of Dr. James White regarding the meaning of theotetos, translated by the KJV as "godhead" but which White objects to since Godhead is commonly used to refer to the Trinity and the word theotetos is referring to Deity, i.e. to that which makes God God.

What Dr. White meant by saying that the Father is not a third of God is not what I meant in my explanation of the Trinity. What I meant is that the Father is a third of the Godhead in the sense that he is one of the three Persons and therefore is a third of the godhead, while possessing 100% of the divine essence (that which makes God God). I do not believe that He is only 33% divine, or 33% God in essence, which is what White was refuting.

It disappoints me that I even need to write responses like this. We really need to call our friends in the Muslim apologetics community to a higher standard than this.


David Wood said...

As time goes on, Muslim apologists are becoming more and more desperate. There's simply no content in the writings and videos of people like Ijaz Ahmad, Yahya Snow, MuslimByChoice, etc. "Apologetics" is the field of giving a reasoned defense of one's position. But these young apologists are giving up on giving a reasoned defense of anything. Instead, they attack their opponents through misrepresentation and deception. When they do this, they're candidly admitting that they have no real case to make. People are noticing this.

Answering Judaism said...

This is a testament to how reprobate Ahmad is. If one has to resort to deliberate slander and libel to get their position to look good or pin individuals against each other, I am not impressed if not insulted by this behaviour.

Seriously Ahmad needs to come up to a higher standard.

Keith said...

"War is deceit."