Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fun Islamic Facts 1: Muhammad Peed Like a Girl

Jihadis demand attention. I've finally decided to give them the attention they demand.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

LMAO This is exactly what is need. Mock that psychotic jew-killing pedophile

Unknown said...

Great video, but I would add and maybe you can make a expansion of this video, that Muslims can enter Jenna by simply peeing like a girl.

The logic is simple.

Islamic doctrine is that a Muslims good deeds are multiplied, some say 7 some say 70 times etc....

Imitating Mohamed is a good deed.

Multiply 7 or 70 times a Muslim pee's like a girl and unless the Muslim is an extra special sinner then as you can see the Muslims good deeds will quickly out weigh their bad deeds.

They could even skip prayers and eat pork and just pee like a girl into allahs paradise.

Unknown said...

So this is an intellectual site, then, eh?

I was kind of hoping for better arguments than, "Don't be Muslim! Pee in a manly way!"

Might have been a bad first post to see, I guess.

Oh well. Moving on to another site...

Mike said...

I was sitting down when I watched this, I laughed so hard I think I may have peed myself "like a Girl"

Mike said...

Islamic Toilet Etiquette

Question: What are the rules and manners to be followed when answering the call of nature?
1. When entering the toilet, one should say the A'udhu (isti'adha) and Basmala and then recite the prayer "Allahumma innee a'oodhu bika minal khubthi wal khabaa-ith."

2. When entering the toilet, one should not have in one's hand anything on which the name of Allahu ta'ala or any verse of the Qur'an al-karim is written. There is no objection if it is in one's pocket or covered with something. Similarly, when stepping into the toilet, one should not be wearing a pendant with the name of Allah on it. If one has, one should tuck it inside the neck of one's sweater before entering it.

3. It is permissible to enter the toilet with an amulet if it is covered properly.

4. One should enter the toilet with one's left foot and exit with one's right foot.

5. One should recite the prayer "Alhamdu-lil-laa-hil-la-dhi adh-haba 'a-nil a-dhaa wa 'a-faa-ni" when exiting the toilet.

6. One should not talk or sit for a long time or read anything like a newspaper or sing a song or smoke or chew gum in the toilet.

7. After cleaning one's private parts, one should cover them immediately.

8. One should neither face the Qibla nor turn one's back toward it while urinating or defecating.

9. One should remove the feces on one's anus with one's finger and wash one's hand. If there are still traces of filth, one should wash them with water.

10. When cleaning the private parts after answering the call of nature, men should wash them from the back to the front. Women should wash them from the front to the back. Thus, the genitals will not be smeared with filth, nor will it cause one to be sexually aroused by the stimulation of fingers.

11. One should dry one's private parts with a cloth after washing them. If there is not a cloth available, it is permissible to use toilet paper because toilet paper is produced to be used after answering the call of nature. But using other kinds of paper for this purpose is not permissible.

12. One should sprinkle some water over one's underpants after cleaning one's private parts. By doing so, when one notices wetness on one's underpants, one will not feel doubt as to whether it is urine or not. One should assume it to be the sprinkled water and should not fall into baseless misgivings (waswasa).

13. After cleaning their private parts, men should do istibra. Women do not do it. Istibra means not to leave any drops of urine in the urethra. It is done by walking or coughing or lying on the left side.

14. If a man exits the toilet without doing istibra, drops of urine may come out and soil his underwear. Therefore, he should insert a cotton wick as big as a barley seed into his urinary hole, whereby he will prevent urine from oozing out.

15. Istinka means a feeling of being sure and having no doubts that there are no drops of urine left, and one's heart is at ease about it. A man can make wudu' after this certitude in his heart.

16. One should not look at one's private parts or spit into the toilet.

17. One should not urinate while standing unless there is strong necessity for doing so and should not let drops of urine splash onto one's clothes. To that end, one should keep separate pajamas or tracksuit. It is mustahab to enter the toilet with separate pajamas and with the head covered.

18. One should wash one's hands after using the toilet.

19. One must not urinate into any water, on a wall of a mosque, in a cemetery, or on a road.

20. Cleaning the private parts with stones and similar materials is an acceptable substitute for cleaning them with water.

Sisgp said...

Hello David,

I pee like a girl? I am a girl (well woman) is there something wrong with doing something like "a girl". Just had a very hard time as a child/girl when I realised I was member of a denograted class. (and yes it very much was in the 1970's) Maybe it matters not to you as you have sons. Sounds funny to the superior standing men (primarily because their not the ones cleaning the mess left in the bathrooms!) Not normally bothered by language but this for some reason, bothered me.

Could have laughed at him for peeing while squatting without taking us females down.

Many Thanks

David Wood said...

Hi Frances,

No idea why you'd find it insulting to WOMEN to say that it's weird that Muhammad peed like a girl. If a woman peed like a man, I would find that just as odd. For instance, if a story emerged about Hillary Clinton peeing while standing, we would surely hear over and over again that Hillary pees like a man. Would this be an insult to men? Hardly. It would simply mean that women pee in a certain way (for good biological reasons) while men pee in another way (for good biological reasons), and that it's odd to do otherwise. Of course, for a man or a woman to pee in a manner common to the opposite gender would be one thing; to demand it on penalty of hell is quite disturbing.

Unknown said...

Muhammad is a prophet of pee, he introduced code of pee to Muslims world. I wonder Muslims by comparing our Lord God Jesus Christ, with playboy Muhammad blasphemed against Holy God. They would be thrown into Hell fire unless they give up playboy Muhammad and his code of life. Stupid Muslims never analyze Muhammad's playboy life with holistic life God of Abraham, Father of Jesus Christ wants from us to live with Him in Heaven for eternal life. Muhammad never perceived that life in heaven is spiritual life, not like what Muhammad found in this world and nothing to do with how you pee. Wake up Muslim, you are worshiping evil book Quran and his prophet Muhammad by believing Quran blindly. Thank you again David, enlightening us with truth about Muhammad and his creation Islam with a black magic book Quran. We would never understand Islam so closely with sound of pee without your efforts. May God bless you and your family!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my thoughts for all they're worth. Allow me to express thanks for the great work that is being done through these channels in spite of the tremendous personal sacrifice and constant danger that such work inherently entails. I strongly admire the courage, determination and convinced faith.

Although I am a Christian and can appreciate the humour of this and other similar, I believe that when religious sensitivities are involved, it is wise to be more tactful. I say this not out of any special reverence to Muhammed or for political correctness sake. However let us assume a converse situation where one ridicules Jesus Christ. Although I am not a very religious person I would think I would take exception and feel offended and most probably would raise psychological barriers to whoever tries to convince me to change my opinion on my religion. Although I would not pose any threats to use violence, the originators' scope to try and convince me otherwise would be defeated at the outset.

Therefore whilst I am in full agreement that there is scope to scrutinize the Koran and bring out inconsistencies, in my humble opinon I feel it can be done in a way that minimises propspects of arousing unnecessary aggravation. David's performance is excellent during debates with Muslims and on such occasions he acts diplomatically and academically and still passes a powerful and intelligently argued message. Actually in my view he has presented some of the best articulated Christian apologetic arguments anywhere on the web. An the fact that he converted from atheism actually reinforces the validity of his message.

Another matter. The way I see it, Christians have a similar issue especially in the Old Testament as there are excerpts which depict God as a rather mean Character. (eg. Leviticus 20, Numbers 25:4, Jeremiah 19, Amos 9 and so many others) To me, the New Testament (especially the 4 Gospels) is much richer and much more difficult to fault. But the continuity between the Old and the New Testament remains. In my opinion (which is not based on any detailed academic studies) we Christians got around the Old Testament by arguing in a way which is similar to that being used by moderate Islamic scholars - ie by arguing that there is room for a lot of interpretation.

From my admittedly limited knowledge of the Quran it appears that this text is much more likely to serve as a pretext for certain kinds of unaceptable behaviour and violence than texts on the Old Testament ..but still certain acts of violence in the Jewish and Christian Worlds are portrayed to have pretexts originating from the Holy Bible. So to me it appears that a number of religions do appear to have similar issues although not to the same degree. Moreover the Christian hisory is tainted with a string of "Holy Wars" which have left countless casualties in the name of religion. It appears to me that Christianity has mostly exited this phase but Muslims are still struggling with it.

You informed opinion would be most appreciated.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

. I say this not out of any special reverence to Muhammed or for political correctness sake. However let us assume a converse situation where one ridicules Jesus Chris

Well, that was a horrible attempt to construct an analogy.

Jesus Christ is God and Man, perfect in every way, the word become fresh, Our Creator, Redeemer, and Saviour, King of Heaven and Earth whereas Mahomet was a caravan robbing jew-killing psychotic pedophile rapist lunatic who peed like a girl and drank camel urine with his milk and yet still found plenty of time to drool and babble incoherently.