Friday, July 15, 2016

Dawah Man Exposed: Commentary and Analysis by Jonathan McLatchie and Vladimir Susic (Part 1)

Here is part 1 of a video series that I am doing with my good friend Vladimir Šušić exposing the ignorance of "Dawah Man" (Imran ibn Mansur) on Scripture, theology and Christian history. More to come -- enjoy! 

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Tom said...

To me the response to Deuteronomy:
How can a sinful man take the sin of another sinful person... so someone has to answer for the sin of the man who took the other man's sin etc... it becomes one idiotic cycle..
In islam Justice is never served!
Jesus could take the sins of the world BECAUSE He was Sinless PERIOD

Unknown said...

Dear Brother Jonathan and Brother Vladimir in Christ Jesus

Numbers 6:24-26

24 God bless you and keep you,

25 God smile on you and gift you,

26 God look you full in the face and make you prosper.


Andrew said...

Thanks for this. You and Vlad make a great team.

foofy said...

For the first section, I just wanted to add in the whole idea of sacrificing lambs, (specifically the trespass offering in Leviticus) as well as the whole idea of the Day of Atonement. The whole idea of transferring sins is definitely part of the OT.