Sunday, July 31, 2016

Are Christians Required to Follow the Jewish Law? Paul Williams Exposed

In this video, my good friend Vladimir Šušić and I continue to expose the sloppy thinking and shallow arguments of Muslim apologist Paul Williams at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park, London. Here, we address whether Christians under the new dispensation are required to follow all of the Old Testament Jewish laws.

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Unknown said...

Jonathan and Vladimir thank you for your comments on this and other clips.
When arguing about an issue we must consider (as much as possible) all relevant information. To cut the long story short, I think that it was excellent that you considered Isaiah 53 and also the Christian lady referred to Daniel 9 (v.24-27), according to which the Messiah would bring an end to sacrifice.
Further, a New Covenant different from the Law covenant is prophesied in Jeremiah 31:31-34 according to which God's law would be written in His people's hearts (so Paul talking about circumcision of the heart is not his own theory but reaffirms God's words).
Further, Jesus makes this covenant with His disciples (Luke 22:20,29).

There are other issues with keeping the Law covenant. For example, if one wants to follow it, they cannot pick and chose which laws to keep, one has to follow all the laws. It would be hypocritical to only follow those laws that one finds convenient. Do Muslims follow the entire Law? Also, the Law is based on an agricultural society, which is not the case for many of us, thereby pointing to its temporary nature etc.

When all relevant information from the Old Testament and Gospels (leaving Paul's writtings out for the sake of our Muslim friends), we see that Christians are under a New Covenant which is different from the Law covenant.

Jonathan and Vladimir thanks again for your good work. I think your idea to comment on clips such as the above is excellent. T