Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Afghan Refugee Muhammad Riyad Goes on Slashing Spree on German Train

Germany took in more than one million refugees in 2015. One of these refugees was an Afghan teenager named Muhammad Riyad. Two weeks ago, Riyad left the refugee center and was welcomed into the home of a German foster family. He responded to the kindness and generosity of the German people by boarding a train and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while hacking and slashing Germans with an axe and a knife. After fleeing the scene, he was surrounded by German police. He charged the police with his axe, and they shot him dead. Police searched the young man’s room and discovered a homemade ISIS flag. ISIS later released a video of Riyad pledging allegiance to the terrorist group and proclaiming that he was going to die in a suicide attack.

Does this have anything to do with Islam?


Baron Eddie said...

Hi David, check this out (UNESCO declares Islam as the most peaceful religion of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!) somebody got paid handsomely...


Is it possible you make a video about this, thanks

David Wood said...

That article was a joke. Check your sources.

Baron Eddie said...

Hi David, forget about the previous comment, it is fake , Muslims lie as usual.


Stewno said...

A radical idea for discussion: How do you punish a suicidal Islamic terrorist? How do you punish an Islamic jihadist suicidal murderer who believes he will be immediately inducted into Muslim heaven, given 72 virgins, and allowed to bring 70 other Muslims into heaven? How do you punish a dead Muslim jihadist who will be seen as an Islamic hero, whose family will take pride in his martyrdom, and whose family may be financially

One answer may be to publicize in advance, while potential jihadists are still alive, that their acts of murder and destruction will bring great harm to those they leave behind: to their families, friends, and loved ones. Their family homes and property will be destroyed or confiscated. Perhaps the same fate will come to some property surrounding those family homes? Money (current and future) of family and friends will be taken to pay for jihadist damages. Some or all of the martyr’s family and friends will be put in prison because of the jihadist’s destructive actions. Perhaps even their countries of origin can be penalized.

Are these punishments (that are meant for Islamic terrorists) being inflicted upon innocent family and friends of the martyred murderer? Is it fair to punish those who raised, trained, and/or befriended a murdering terrorist? Is it reasonable to punish those who would heroize a jihadist terrorist? Should we do unto the jihadist (who slaughters innocents) as he does unto us? Maybe, maybe not. What are the alternatives? How would you dissuade a dead suicidal Muslim jihadist from committing carnage? If you don’t want to inflict potential jihadists with these types of consequences to their family and friends, how would you dissuade him or her? Apparently, no one in the world has yet to discover an effective way to prevent Islamic terrorism by those Muslims who believe that Islam approves violence against infidels and people of different Islamic sects. Perhaps these difficult actions will help.

By the way, I am talking about official governmental/military reprisals, not vigilantism.

RiteshOsta said...

Hi David,
Can you put your rebuttal for below video.

Unknown said...

Those who have brain can find easily that Muslims have nothing to defend Quran as a book of Allah, the Creator, because Muhammad left no witness like Moses, Jesus Christ to proof that all 19 surah in Quran were given by angel Gabriel during his life time. Almighty God Who created the whole Universe by only 6 days, would not take about 20 years to give only 19 surah to Muhammad. It is black magic of Muhammad to make him a prophet and King of the people by fear of Allah. Muslims countries use Quran to fool their people. Zakir Naik is paid agent of Saudi who using his medical degree spread terrorism saying Quran is 100% scientific book. If Quran’s Allah is true, then ISIS is true Muslims and other is munafiq, Kafir. This Afghan refugee is true Muslims. He came to Kafir country and his foremost duty is to serve Allah, because he is servant. As German showed, so German would reap, it is natural law.

Andrew said...

As expected here, the Melbourne Age lead with its main story a local politician asking for a ban on muslim immigration (of course, painting her as a bigot) while completely ignoring this latest atrocity.

David Wood said...

Here's part one, Ritesh:


Auke Feitsma said...

Dear David,

All youre video's are great, but this was one of the best (all time high is: the 3 stages of jihad). Keep up the good work.
Mayby, just mayby there is a change from the people, themselves. In Nice the French spitted on the place were the attacker died and boooed against government officials, who ofcourse said that they didnot know the reasons etc... In Holland we have a saying: a lie is very swift, but the Truth will always catch up.

Agape said...

Hi David,
Just wondering if you know what Hadith sources Shi'ite Muslims believe in. The ones you quote from are mostly accepted by the Sunni Muslims. Do the Shiites have their own set of books that they accept as authentic hadiths?

Agape said...

Hi David,
Australia is about to receive several thousand Iraqi and Syrian refugees who most likely will be Shiite Muslims. I work as an English tutor for new migrants and would like your advice on how to best reach out to this sect of Muslims.
Do you have another method of correspondence other than this blog.
Also do you run any apologetic classes. Maybe you can put together an online apologetic course which can be run at local churches to equip them with the knowledge necessary to defend their faith. A series of video lectures would be great.
Praying for you and your family.

Unknown said...

Hey hey hey baron eddie stop hoping in the air first and check out this link that was a fake news by radio pakistan https://www.jihadwatch.org/2016/07/radio-pakistan-falsely-claims-unesco-declared-islam-the-most-peaceful-religion