Monday, June 20, 2016

An Historical Critique of Islamic Origins: A Conversation with Jay Smith

Here is the recording of Saturday's Apologetics Academy webinar session with Jay Smith on Islamic beginnings. Enjoy!

For information on upcoming sessions of the Apologetics Academy and on how you can participate, see the confirmed speaker lineup at this link.


Traeh said...

This was a wonderful rapid fire presentation.

amin said...

Can anyone explain how the zodiac calendar keeps consistent time with a leap year not in its system? Could this put off the Islamic timeline? My easy math gets one to four years every leep year. The Islamic calendar (zodiac) then should be looked at .20-.25 percent more than common era states for Islamic history. The year at .20 minus 1400 looks like 287 out from start dates of the islamics zodiac. Was this the first time history tells us when things began. Thanks,amin

Wang Valid said...

Can anyone share the latest presentation powerpoint for this topic? I want to translate and share it with Chinese audience. Because these information is so much valuable to impact the authenticity of Islam. Everyone shall know it.