Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Bible vs. the Qur'an: Which One Should We Trust? Tony Costa vs. Sadat Anwar

On Saturday April 23, 2016 I had the great pleasure of engaging with my good friend Sadat Anwar of the Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI) on the topic of the Bible and the Qur’an at the Toronto Thinking Conference 2016. I have also provided a commentary on the debate. For the commentary see here.


Reg Singh said...

However “beautiful” the concept of god in the Quran is, the problem for Anwar is that Allah is not YHWH the god he fraudulently claims to be.

If the Quran's eloquence is miraculous then why did the greatest judges of this eloquence, the Meccans, reject the Quran as a lie and a fabrication?

According to Anwar the Quran clears misconception people have about Jesus. Why then do many Muslims have the mis-conception that Jesus rejected the first century Torah as corrupt? There is not a single independent New Testament scholar or historian who has found evidence for this mis-conception. Not even Bart Ehrman.

Reg Singh said...

According to Sadat if by the Principle of Embarrassment the story of the Satanic Verses is true then so also is the story of Jesus killing a child. This is like a thief when presented with the evidence against him replies “but this proves you're a thief also”!

Sadat either needs to reject the Principle of Embarrassment or concede that the story of the Satanic Verses is true.

Reg Singh said...

Sadat is correct the Quran's idea of divine justice is very easy to understand: “be nice to Muhammad or you will wish you had never been born”.

Reg Singh said...

According to Sadat there is a convergence between modern Biblical scholarship and what the Quran has been saying for 1400 years.

Can Sadat then cite a single independent Old Testament scholar whose research has led him/her to conclude that there existed in 1400 BC a pure Islamic text of the Torah teaching pure Islamic doctrine and this was later corrupted by the Jews to result in the Torah we have today?

Reg Singh said...

Sadat says that the Quran claims to be from god and Allah promises to preserve it. The Quran also claims that the Torah is from god and assumes that the the one existing in the seventh century has been perfectly preserved in its entirety.

Unknown said...

@Sadat Anwar, you and all Muslims failed to understand old saying that “All that glitters are not gold”. Easy understanding of anything leads to falsehood. You know that all clear water is not safe to drink. Same way believing Quran easily is not safe enjoying eternal life with Holy God. Muslims believe Quran easy way, because nobody could write another copy like Quran as Quran said. Doesn’t Muslim know that no human beings can write exact copy of any Shakespeare’s book?

With 66 books in the Bible written by different authors in different time period about the same God proves authenticity of the Bible as word of true God. Muslims should know that message of the Bible is same no matter in what languages it was written and how it was written. You are misinformed about the Bible by Quran. Quran contradicts itself, one time Muslims are told to read the Bible to know about God and another time it says the Bible is changed. It is not that easy to believe Quran as Muslims think. But any way your points are much better then Dr. Zakir Naik.