Monday, February 15, 2016

Turning Tables on Muslim Objections to the Trinity: The Recording

On popular demand, I have started recording my Saturday "Advanced Apologetics" group for public consumption, and will from henceforth be uploading them to a dedicated YouTube Channel.

Here is this past Saturday's session, on "Turning tables on Muslim objections to the Trinity", with Sam Shamoun. Enjoy!

In this coming Saturday's session, we will be discussing the problem of evil with atheist Cory Markum (one of my former debate opponents). Click here for instructions on how you can join and participate in the conversation. 


Sisgp said...

Sam is right the back ground noise makes listening to this very difficult. A shame as I love listening to Him. Can the recorder switch off their mic's during the recording, unless their need to speak? Hate to criticise but would make this endeavour much more worth while. Many Thanks.

Unknown said...

Good stuff Sam and Jonathan

Unknown said...

Thanx for posting David and Big Love to you

Tom said...

Thanks to all you guys Dr Wood, Sam, Jonathan, Dr Costa etc...for continously updating, reiterating & re-enforcing our Faith based on the Biblical Truth.
Please keep it flowing.

Jonathan McLatchie said...

Sisgp, the new software I am going to be using from now on allows me to forcibly mute users. So that will no longer be an issue. I think the disturbance to the conversation with Sam becomes better as the audio recording progresses though.

Unknown said...

You go Sam !!. Quick one , if a Muslim asks me if its ok for a Christian to beat their female slave to death and she only dies the next day not the same day , am I guilty ? The Muslim said Exodus 20 vs 21 says I can. The Muslim even said that its actually Jesus speaking here in Exodus because jesus is the Word. thank you