Monday, February 8, 2016

Is Islam and Other Religions True and What Makes Jesus So Special and Distinctive?

My friend Rev. Sule Prince interviewed me on a series of videos to answer some tough questions that usually are raised against Christianity. In this second video I respond to the question, 'Are Other Religions True and What Makes Jesus So Special and Distinctive?'


Unknown said...

All Religions believe that our SOULS are immortal. For this reason people of every faith (Hindu, Muslims, Sheik, Jews, and Christians etc.) have one common faith that there is God, but interestingly no founding father of any religion observed their Allah, god/goddess as they wrote in their religious books except Jews and Christian. Moses saw God and other thousands of Israelis saw God from distance. Jesus was with the people of Israelis. Muslim prophet Muhammad did not see his Allah nor did any of Muhammad’s companions witnessed Muhammad’s receiving Quran from Angel Gabriel. Epic Hindu Literatures, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita believe to be written by a Brahmin named Valmiki. He himself did not see his god/goddess nor did he witness any incidents written in those books. Buddha also did not see his god either.

On the contrary Jesus’ claimed, decedent from Heaven from His God the Father, supported by His miraculous sings such as miraculous birth of Jesus thru virgin Marry, giving life to dead man, healing born blind, leprosy, etc. in presence of multiple of people. Finally Jesus’ resurrection and appearance to about 500 people after His resurrection from death as prophesied thousand years earlier made Him (Jesus) Special and Distinctive than any other religious persons like Muhammad, Buddha etc. Let us adore Him to receive eternal life if we believe there is life after death. All other faith is sinking sands.

Stewart said...

ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION; it’s a theistic political movement. Some forms of Islam do not qualify as religions according to our Western concept of a religion. Such Islamic denominations are akin to a theistic communism, fascism with a godhead. “Non-religion” forms of Islam would include those denominations that subscribe to the legalization of certain ideas like:
a. Violent jihad to spread Islam
b. Immigration to conquer: As when a Muslim immigrates to Europe or America not to become Westernized but to make the host country more Islamic.
c. No separation of state and religion
i. Sharia law should be the law of the land (and the world)
ii. The Constitution should not be the supreme legal document
d. No freedom of speech
i. Death or other disapprobation for blasphemy (especially if blasphemy is to be defined by Islamic Sharia law)
ii. Death or other disapprobation for those who insult Islam
iii. Death or other disapprobation for those who produce pictures of Mohammed
e. No freedom to choose one’s own religion without governmental oppression
i. Death, conversion to Islam, or other disapprobation for apostasy
ii. Second-class status (dhimmitude) for non-Muslims who are “people of the book” (mostly Christians and Jews)
f. No legal equality for all people
i. Second class citizenship for woman
ii. Death or other disapprobation for homosexuals
iii. Dhimmitude and special taxes (Jizya) for certain non-Muslims (like Christians and Jews) who aren’t required to be converted to Islam or killed

Unless Muslims specifically exclude themselves from the above unacceptable beliefs, they may be presumed to accept some or all of those anti-American (anti-Western) beliefs. The new Muslim Reform Movement by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and others is a denomination of Islam that is a religion in the eyes of Western civilization and the United States Constitution. Kudos to the founders of the Muslim Reform Movement.