Thursday, January 14, 2016

Where Does Allah Say "I am God, Worship Me" in the Qur'an?

It has come to my attention that a comment I made during the Q&A period in my recent debate with Inamullah Mumtaz is not accurate. A caller had asked whether God says in the Qur'an "I am God, worship me" with those exact words. The point, of course, is that there are multiple ways in which a concept can be conveyed, and Jesus communicates his deity on numerous occasions without using the exact words "I am God, worship me" as so many Muslims unreasonably require. I answered that Allah does not say "I am God, worship me" with that exact sequence of words (although the concept is clearly communicated throughout the Qur'an). It was brought to my attention that Surah 20:14 comes almost as close as you can get to this sequence of words:
"Indeed, I am Allah. There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance."
My thanks to the Muslims who brought this to my attention.

The point remains the same, however: Jesus can communicate His deity without necessarily using a precise sequence of words, such as "I am God, worship me."


Auke Feitsma said...

Everyone who denies Christ: 1 John 2:18-29, is of the anti-christ (atheists/humanists/islam etc). Allah himself denies Christ, so allah will deliver the anti-christ.

Unknown said...

I wonder Inamullah Mumtaz and all other educated Muslims who educated from recognized college and university believe Quran as book from Allah where only one time Quran mentioned in surah 20:14 that Allah said “I am God, worship me”. Matter of fact Muhammad said that he received Quran from angel Gabriel not directly from Allah. Muhammad left no evidence to proof that his statements in the Quran is not from devil, but Mumtaz and all educated Muslim believed him blindly without evidence. To disbelieve our Lord Jesus is not the God Muhammad thru Quran brought food to convince stupid Muslims that God does not eat food. Mumtaz brought genetics and physiology of human body to proof that Jesus is not the God. Do Muslims not know that to measure the distance between Earth and Sun you do not need measuring tape?

Muslims measures Christianity with science where as they do not think how do they believe Quran which is written 20 years after death of Muhammad.

Islam is a religion for illiterate, Madrassah educated people, who control this faith worldwide with one simple interpretation of Quran to fight for Allah and Muhammad to be in heaven easily despite righteousness, honesty, truthfulness etc. Thus Islam brought terrorism and corruption in the world under the banner “Allah-Hu-Agbar”. Because of this, good people among Muslims have no voice to control these thugs, terrorists who are in forefront in Pakistan and all other failed Islamic states in Middle East and Africa.

Muhammad lived in the dark, fought with sword all his life to extend his territory like Alexzander the great. What good can people expect from a person who married his daughter-in-law and six year old girl, order Muslims to rape women? Muslims must know that God cannot be proved in the laboratory as Quran brought food to disprove Jesus as a simple man nothing else.

May Almighty God give wisdom to Muslims to understand Jesus and get grace thru Him, not by killing "Allah-Hu-Agbar"!

Elder said...

A God who needs to explicitly demand respect. What does that tell you?

Unknown said...

Dear Jonathan,

May I suggest that the proper rebuttal begins by separating the two parts - the clear statement "I am God" and the command "Worship me." This is important because the Gospels are unambiguous with a number of examples where Jesus stated "I am God." I love where Jesus states "before Abraham was, I AM" and Jesus' statements at his trial. In both cases, the religious authorities called his statements blasphemy - acknowledging that He claimed to be God. The command "Worship me" would have been at odds with the humility He came to express ... but in any case it would have been unnecessary - all Jews knew full well that YHWH is to be worshipped. If they had recognized Him, they would have worshipped Him.

So please make sure to point out that what they are seeking is not just a single statement, but rather two items, and the clear proof of the claim by Jesus that "I AM" could not be any more plainly stated.

In Christ,
John Kosinski

Unknown said...

The reason Jesus didn't come straight with the words I AM GOD IS...... He knew it will be difficult for them to understand at that time. Even for his disciples, it takes for them to completely grabbed it. For Peter and Thomas it was after the resurrection. For others it takes the Holy Spirit to link all the teachings of Jesus Christ together so they can get it

Unknown said...

Guys, what is the greatest commandment according to Jesus?

Cenon Bibe said...

Jesus would not state the obvious because that would be demeaning to Himself. What He did was show that He was God.

Besides, the only being in the Bible to say "Worship me" is the devil. (Matthew 4:9)

Blessing Soil said...

The book of Philippines stated that HE HUMBLED HIMSELF..... THOUGHT IT NOT ROBBERY BE EQUAL WITH GOD. Philip after Christ resurrection called Jesus MY LORD AND MY GOD. Jesus would have rebuked him of blasphemy but he didn't. Jesus also said ABRAHAM REJOICED TO SEE MY DAY. No mortal man can claim such.

nic01 said...


Unknown said...

Jhon 17-3 says it all for me