Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Meaning of Son of God in the Bible and Its Misunderstanding in Islam

I was interviewed today by Jacob Knight on XPosed Radio on the subject and meaning of 'Son of God' in the Bible and Extra-Biblical Literature and its grave misunderstanding in Islam. The 30 minute radio interview can be accessed here.


Unknown said...

I wonder how modern Muslim scholars educated from recognized universities believe Quran as book written by their Allah. Quran says it was written by Allah in tablets and kept in heaven as God wrote Ten Commandments in two tablets and gave to Moses. There is no evidence from any sources that describe how and when this book was written by their Allah and kept in heaven for what purpose. We know from the Bible how and when God Himself wrote Ten Commandments in front of Moses and delivered two tablets to him to guide Israelis for their new life in new places. Only stupid can believe that this book Quran was written by Allah. Prior to Quran, Almighty God Who revealed Himself through the books of the Bible written by human beings inspired by Holy Spirit.

It is clear with evidence that The Quran was written to glory Muhammad and his evil works such as killing, raping, abusing minor girls etc. by the name of Allah so that no one revolt against evil acts of Muhammad, such as having extra marital sex with his daughter-in-law etc. and finally approved by Allah thru Quran which was written beginning of creation.

Quran is an Anti-Christ book inspired by evil spirit to demean Almighty God and His love for Mankind thru sacrificing Lamb Jesus Christ.

5 Solas said...

Thank you Dr. Costa for the great interview!