Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did Jesus Claim to be the Divine Son of God?

Here is another one of my interviews on the One Minute Apologist, in which I briefly discuss whether the historical Jesus self-identified as the divine Son of God.

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Unknown said...

Jesus never praised His name by Himself while he was in this world but expressed Who He was and why He came by miraculous works, preaching with parables and suffering at the cross to understand Him and His purpose by inner eyes of individual person. Jesus always glorified His Father, God the Father by all His miraculous works such as healing 3 day old dead Lazarus, which incident even Quran acknowledged. God the Father glorified His Son thru raising Jesus from dead witnessed Resurrected Jesus by all His disciples as well as about five hundred people of that time.

On the contrary Muhammad was recognized by Muhammad’s self-proclaimed statements in Quran without miraculous signs and any witness of presence of his Allah.