Saturday, December 5, 2015

Was the Planned Parenthood Shooter an Example of a "Christian Terrorist"?

Here is a good discussion from Dr. Michael Brown on whether the Planned Parenthood shooting was an example of "Christian terrorism" in the same way that ISIS represent Islamic terrorism, as some are claiming.


Unknown said...

To test this is so easy:

-Just draw a cartoon of Muhammad in the most presumably peaceful muslim country and look at the reaction of the mass.

-Just draw some insulting comical portray of Jesus and display it at the western countries.

Even without doing this test, an atheist-leftist know pretty sure without any doubt which people who will commit the violent act.

Newsflash: In connection w/ San Bernardino tragedy some says the perpetrator had not intended to commit the terrorist act at his working place but planned to commit it somewhere else however something happened in the middle that is, the perpetrator had a 'religious debate' with a christian co-worker about whether Islam is a religion of peace or not. Seemingly the terrorist loosed the debate and because he was offended that his christian co-worker refused to acknowledge Islam as religion of peace then he changed his terrorism plan and pointed it at his work place and toward his christian co-worker in particular.

The lesson from this tragedy : We Should Never Question Islam as Religion of Peace because IF We Ever Question That then Muslim Will Probably Kill Us.

gallantgesture said...

The savage wars and atrocities committed throughout Christianity in the name of God can not be justified by any verse in the Bible or by examples made by Christ and the commandment is explicit, "Thou shall not murder". But "Muhammad Alla Akbah" can justify his blood lust with verses from the Qur'an and by examples from Muhammad.