Monday, December 14, 2015

Paris Debate: "Was Muhammad a True Prophet of God?"

On January 30th, a partner and I will be debating two Muslims in Paris on the topic "Was Muhammad a True Prophet of God?" Due to recent events, I won't be posting the location or other details until a few days before the debate. But if you're in Europe and you'd like to attend, make plans to be in Paris on the 30th. (Note: The debate will be in French.)

If you'd like to chip in for my plane ticket and other expenses for the debate, donations are tax-deductible:


Here's the location and time of the debate:


traeh said...

Presumably the venue will provide the tremendous security necessary. This is probably going to be a very interesting experience for David Wood.

traeh said...

David, you are fluent in French? Or is there going to be a translator?

drfreebird said...

May the Lord Jesus Christ watch over you, David,


Unknown said...

David - I just left you a small donation. I also sent you an email to your hotmail address (unrelated to this debate). Please read when you can.


Unknown said...

@ Brother David

I really-really hope you would convince the muslim audience since who else would be the target then?

Non-Muslim obviously needs no convincing for Muhammad not being a prophet, then surely the theme is meant for muslim. I have to admit it's a quite hard task to convince muslim Muhammad is not a prophet despite how rational our argument is, it's just like trying to convince the Nazi at 1945 that Hitler is not the Great Leader for Germany or Rev.Jim Jones is not a man of God for the People's Temple Church.

The only way to exposed Muhammad should be done none other than using Muhammad's own word and Islam's own standard, because if we used general standard either moral or reason, again no matter how very rational or absolutely sensible we presented our evidence still usually it would fall to 'ignorant' ears.

Andrew said...

I just made a small donation. Bon voyage.

Unknown said...

To proof/disproof that Muhammad is Prophet of True Holy God, then debaters must be in one mind defining characters of True God found in the Bible such as Creator, Almighty, Kind, Righteous, Justice to all people of different faith etc. etc. To proof His righteousness and justice to all unbiased, merciful God provides all people equally all natural resources (rain, sunlight etc.). Why did then Muhammad’s Allah command Muslims to treat non-Muslims differently, even to kill them if they don’t believe Islam? It proofs that Muhammad could be prophet of his Allah who is not Holy True God of Abraham. Debate must be with apple and apple not with apple and orange. If Muslims’ point whatever Quran says is from true Allah, then there is no sense for debate. I hope OSAMA ABDALLAH would agree with me at least on this point to have a common ground for debate.

May God bless you David to spread His LOVE to all people of this world during this advent, “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PEACE BE TO ALL”!

Dacritic said...

Simple Logic,

Yes, you're right there. I'd like to enhance your point a little further. Besides trying to convince the Muslims, it is also important for non-Muslims to listen to these debates. As you know, as with everywhere around the world but particularly in Muslim countries, it is tough for Muslims to leave Islam but it is very easy for a non-Muslim to convert to Islam. I live in one such country. Whenever a Muslim marries a non-Muslim (doesn't matter if the Muslim is male or female), the non-Muslim converts to Islam without much fuss from the law. I have never seen it happen the other way round, i.e. a Muslim leaving Islam to marry the non-Muslim.

Therefore it is important for non-Muslims also to know exactly what sort of ideology Islam is so that we could better advise our fellow "infidel" friends not to think that Islam is just the same and as peaceful as other religions, because it simply isn't. Then, even if it is difficult as always to pull Muslims out of Islam, by letting non-Muslims know about Islam, we are at least deterring people from becoming Muslims and helping to NOT add to the size of Islam.

Goministry (普天下去传事工) said...

Dear Bro David Wood,

I have listened to many of your debates with Muslim scholars. Well done. You did a wonderful job.

This is my opinion. I think one topic that should be hotly debated and straight to the point is THE INCARNATION OF CHRIST. In other words, DID GOD EVER BECAME MAN or born as a human being? This is the key point about Islam's wrong belief systems and their opposition to the Bible. IF GOD NEVER BECAME MAN, NO SALVATION WHATSOEVER IS AVAILABLE TO MANKIND. The Koran clearly objects to this, i.e. denying Incarnation of Christ, denying Father and Son, and denying that Christ died on the CROSS. These three denials are all found in the Koran verses. These are also what the Antichrist denies as mentioned in the Epistles of First John and Second John. I believe debates on such topic will bring an impact to Muslims, destroy what they believe, thereby leading them to Christ.

God bless you.

Paul Zhong
from Singapore

Traeh said...

David, could you make a video about this some time:

The double threat to Islam-critics' life and reputation from violent Muslims and slandering Leftists creates a widespread illusion. In public debates about Islam, that double threat invisibly tilts the debate playing field to the advantage of those who apologize for Islam. The unfair tilt of the playing field happens and is invisible because no one in the public discourse mentions or even notices what a disadvantage the Islam-critical side starts from, namely the fact that most of those who are critical of Islam censor themselves because of the double threat. Thus the average observer often just takes for granted that the tiny number who are publicly speaking up is the total number that wants to speak up, and that those who speak up to criticize Islam represent the full depth of our bench. In fact most of the people on our side of the debate are silent. The disadvantage is thus hidden and all the more effective.

For links to numerous news stories about reports of self-censorship by public institutions, teachers, writers, actors, artists, journalists, comedians who impose silence on themselves about Islam, see

Unknown said...

Hey David

God bless you and your wonderful family. I love your debates and if you ever come to Toronto Canada in the near future for a debate, I would love to attend. Just post when and where. Keep up the wonderful work of telling what Islam really is.

David Wood said...

Hi Sheila,

I'm not allowed in Canada.

Unknown said...

Why are you not allowed in Canada David.... we would love to have you if its at all possible???

David Wood said...

Canada has strict laws blocking convicted felons from entering the country.

Unknown said...

Dear Br. David

I am from india and I am a big fan of yours. At present I am doing my postdoctoral research in bordeaux and for sure would like to attend the conference. But unfortunately I do not speak french. Will there be any translator.

Thelma said...

A convicted Felon?

Unknown said...

Thelma, Dear Thelma....A famous Man once said: "He that is without Sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her" (John 8:7) I'll NOT cast that "first" Stone at YOU, but am perplexed why you, Dear Thelma, felt you could at him?

V said...
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V said...

I don't think she was casting a stone. Perhaps she really does not know David's story. Here you go Thelma:

Harrybell Measures said...

Any update on the venue maybe?

And by the way, I'd advise you if necessaty to throw some arguments in english: because I fear you may be at a disadvantage, french being their native language and all, and not yours.

I do feel the debate should be the guest's language (english) as a gesture.