Thursday, December 17, 2015

Michael Moore and the "We Are All Muslim" Campaign

Documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore recently began his "We Are All Muslim" campaign against Donald Trump. But is the claim that all people are Muslims consistent with the Qur'an? Ironically, by insisting that we are all Muslim, Michael Moore has insulted both Allah and Muhammad.


mashatter868 said...

Michael Moore is a simple minded publicity hound. I say simple minded because he thinks money just grows somewhere as do all leftists. No common sense, let all pitch in and send Michael to Tehran.

Princeton 1967 said...

"We are all Muslim": Then let us pray we are the proper branch of Islam... Shia? Sunni? For, if we choose the wrong sect, we shall be just as dead as the kuffar..

m s said...

Well technically David is correct but I think in MM's deluded mind, muslims are a persecuted minority (it's the opposite they have more protection right now since any muslim attack is followed by warnings agains the mythological backlash and the even more mythological wide brush). In WWII, there was some prisoner captain who, when the nazis told him to give them a list of the jew prisoners in the camp, said "we are all Jews" and if you commit any atrocity against any of us, you will be prosecuted after the war. In that way, the captain, although technically not a Jew by any definition of the word, saved the Jewish soldiers from being sent to an extermination camp. MM thinks he's being a hero against Trump's persecution of muslims. But Trump is not in power nor persecuting muslims, he's just expressing an opinion, which he's entitled to under the first ammendment.

Dacritic said...

No, I'm NOT Muslim. Over my dead body.

Unknown said...

Technically people like Michael Moore, liberal medias like CNN are keeping alive Muslims terrorists with such type of slogan “We are all Muslims” even after taking 18 innocent lives. They encouraged Jihadists to carry on their Muslims making movement killing Christians in CHRISTMAS PARTY. Shame on Michael Moore holding such name “Muslims” by which name jihadists kill Christians in a Christmas Party! Donald Trump correctly said in recent Republican debate that Muslims can kill American innocent people but American can't kill them. Michael Moore can convert to Islam but majority American is still Christian, they are not Muslims. Is Michael Moore a jihadist, generally Muslims convert transformed to jihadist to protect Allah and his prophet Muhammad to take short cut to go to HEAVEN, as we see even in California shooting?

carlito said...

So Mr. Moore has decided that i am a muslim. Hey Mr. Dictator, i am not. Idiot.

Robin P Clarke said...

"We are all Muslim":
Errm, who are this "we" Mr Moore?
On what basis do you speak for this unspecified "we", Mr Moore?
In reality "We are all Muslim", when translated from twattic lingo = "I am a twat who writes twat sentences and reckons to impress people thereby". But this is one which will only impress the already faithful and will look like the most laughable of follies to everyone else. And I'm still waiting for him to publish his bestseller followup to "Stupid White Men", namely "Stupid Black Women" - what's delaying you Mr Moore?

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

Moore is making no attempt to defend muslims. He is using muslims in an attempt to attack Trump. Any kindness or solidarity shown to Islam by Moore has an alterior motive.

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

Maybe Moore should take his sign to Mecca and see if they will let him in to take a few laps around the Kaaba with his "We are all Muslims" sign.

Osama Abdallah said...

"Maybe Moore should take his sign to Mecca and see if they will let him in to take a few laps around the Kaaba with his "We are all Muslims" sign."

But America is not Saudi Arabia. And if you had it your way, to make America a theocracy, you'd be worse than them.

Why do people constantly bring this nonsense of yours? America is a secular government and has its secular laws. You're not better than the Muslims. In fact, you are worse than the worst of them. Just because the US government *****has its boot on your neck, which prevents you from committing crimes against other US civilians, it doesn't mean that you are a good person.

Osama Abdallah

Unknown said...

I love the presumptuousness of people like Michael Moore. Sorry, Mike, you don't speak for me. Don't you dare tell people what I am or am not. I did not submit to Allah. I'd rather saw my own progeny off than submit to Allah. Don't you dare say I've submitted to Allah. I do not identify with Muslims or Islam, so stop forcing it on me. Would you like it if I stood outside your million-dollar apartment in Manhattan (I don't know if you still live there but nevertheless) with a sign that said, "WE ARE ALL BURGER KING CUSTOMERS"?

Unknown said...

Michael Moore is a overgrown rotten vegetable having a sick mind

Traeh said...

Great video, as ever. Would like to see a full length film made by David Wood some day.

Angelo Immanuel said...

Hi brother David, We have a similarity that we both are former atheists. Anyway - what were the people before Muhammad's birth and didn't accept Muhammad ? haha.....

elegantfool said...

In the islamic scriptures everyone everywhere is born muslim and become aspostates by not following this religion from birth, no matter where your born. As apostates muslims ask you to 'return' to islam if you do not the only sentence in islam for apostates is death. Read and research people our leaders refuse to point blank. Read the koran and see for yourselves the countless verses calling for the death of all non-muslims, the subjugation of the world to islam and the continuing oppression of women. Read about how it is all good in islam to lie to non-muslims without consequence, read how nuslims are encouraged to lend money and goods from non-muslims knowing that a good muslim does this and is under religious orders not to repay the non-believers. I have read he koran and a lot of hadith, all want one thing the conquest of the entire planet for islam and the elimination of ALL non-muslims. You can say no way, islam isnt like that, well read it for yourself and stop listening to the Moores of this world who are clueless idiots and the politicians who openly lie point blank to all about the truth of islam. If you support islamic terror go live in Saudi Arabia with your mum, wife and daughter you will love it you can beat your female relatives legally, rape in marriage is legal, one mans voice is legally worh that of three women. Women are no allowed out unaccomponied by a man. A laqnd where raped women are stoned to death for adultery when they are raped and gays are hung on the spot without legal redress. And on and on the atrocities go 24/7 7 days a week 365 days a year decade on decade century upon century

Red Bee said...

Michael Moore also went on twitter with the hashtag #WeAreAllMuslim. He asked people to make a sign like his one and post a photo. They actually did, but not as many as I thought would do that. I wrote replies to them: @x I wonder how many who make a sign like Moore did read the Koran. Please tell me if you did or not.

I sent 11 but got no replies so they probably did not. Also Michael Moore did not reply to my question whether he read the Koran. I guess that makes a dirty dozen.

Unknown said...

How about Moore take reverse sign showing "We are all Christians" to Pakistan and show this sign during Muslims festival ‘Eid, to protect minority Christian in Pakistan. I bet we would not find a single hair on his head and his body would be cut to thousands pieces. Teach Muslims of the world how to treat minority Christian and other non-Muslims, not Donald Trump who knows how to earn money from Muslims giving them full customer satisfaction.

isa bin maryam said...

David, i have a question for you if i may:
i've seen many artikels that isis soldiers wont fight female opponents because they believe that they wont go to heaven if they are killed by them.
are there any sources in the qur'an or hadith mentioning this?

Robin P Clarke said...

Red Bee - Islamophiles don't need to read the quran because they already "know" that their "muslim" friends are nice people and also the regim oops government and media consistently assure us that islam is entirely good and peaceful, and some people only say otherwise because they are evil haters so should be ignored. So therefore these people already "know" that islam is good and so there's no need for them to get bogged down in discussing which "interpretation" is correct. Islam is very complicated (because "Allah" was too thick to make it comprehensible) and we should not be so arrogant as to assume we know better than the "muslims" themselves and their nice friends. zzz....

Robin P Clarke said...


Baron Eddie said...

first I have to pay Jizya then when I ran out of money

after that my head will be chopped off, then I will think about it ...

Now let me tell you why I don't follow Islam, because

1. I love God (our God is Love)
2. I love my neighbor

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that
whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

MICHAEL MOORE thanks, but no thanks

speak for yourself

please let us pray for Mr. Moore

Farhan Qureshi said...

When I saw Michael Moore's poster, I was like YESSS! Even though Moore perhaps means something different then by what Gandhi meant when he said "I am a Muslim, and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew, and so are all of you"; or even by what Irshad Manji meant when asked by Mehdi Hasan on whether she considers people of other Faiths as Muslim and she said yes. As a universalist I adopted this as my belief as well but I would go to the extent of saying that "we are nazis and slave owners that learned from our mistakes" and by "we" I mean the human enterprise. Yes, WE enslaved people and WE tortured people in Germany, and WE crashed planes into the twin towers - this is what WE humans have done and its our duty to learn and evolve and grow and change and until and unless we recognize we are one, that our DNA is 98 percent identical, that our biology, chemistry and psychology works the same way, that indoctrination, brainwashing, our sinful and carnal nature and our mental illnesses occur in the same way across the human species, and that we are trying to grow and evolve collectively, not JUST individually.

I tend to believe that Muslims are our brothers and sisters in humanity who are covered by the blood of the cross whether they believe it or not. Muslims are US and its our duty to bring the parts of us that judge others who are different than our individual selves to the awareness of unity; and also the universality of God's grace vs a prejudiced exclusivity that necessarily requires descent to dogma and doctrine - all within the fallible and limited minds of diverse people - this is what Sunni Muslims get wrong and so do Protestant Christians. Thank God Pope Francis decalared universalism, because I was only hearing from calvinists.

52% of Muslims in America acccording to PEW believe in Universalism, David - 52% - MORE than HALF .... Who cares what the Quran says! Maybe one day we can debate why Exegetical Hermeneutics fall inferior to Mysticism :-)

Either way, where you and I agree is that Muslims can be and should be opposed for their insanity; how we oppose them, we differ ... either way you are def helping our cause, because you guys can scream and yell and provoke each other while me and Oprah Winfrey steal hearts :-D

We are ONE, always were and always will be.

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

No Osama America is not Saudi Arabia. I don't know what that has to do with my comment. The point is this if Michael Moore beleives that he is expressing a view shared by Muslims then he should go to Mecca and se if they think we are all muslims.

Richard said...

What an idiot! Ever seen a Muslim with a sign saying "We are all Christians/ Jews/ Hindus/ Yazdis"?

Even Muslims who believe that the Quran, a small book, full of repetitions, which expends 4 verses telling them they can have sex with their captured slave women but omits to tell them even in a single verse to pray 5 times a day, is the literal word of the creator of the Universe, are not as stupid as him.

And that is saying something

Emmanuel said...

Any decent online Qurans I can find to read so that I can get an even better idea as to why Mr. Moore is so dead wrong, anyone?

Robin P Clarke said...

I have long suspected that being given a name such as Qureshi or Mohammed is a near guarantee of future mental difficulties, at least in respect of rational capacity to think about religion. Sadly I see more confirmation of that in one of the comments above here.

It goes from bad (citing the crackpot Irshad Manji in would-be support) to worse, such as:
"Yes, WE enslaved people and WE tortured people in Germany, and WE crashed planes into the twin towers...".

Speak for yourself Ms. Qureshi, but you don't speak for me. Neither I nor any of my relatives or community have ever done any such things. And you (as your supposed "WE") didn't discover electricity or plastics either. About the only thing ever discovered or invented by muslims has been suicide bombing belts.

Robin P Clarke said...

"When I saw Michael Moore's poster, I was like YESSS!...."

Yes I can believe that.

Robin P Clarke said...

Actually Farhan, if you could go to Mosul/Raqqa and persuade al-Baghdadi to convert ISIS to become universalists, then you'd rate at least one nobel peace prize. But I don't rate your chances very high though. And till then, Universalism is rather irrelevant to most of us.

Robin P Clarke said...

Emmanuel, if you are in a city you can get free qurans from muslims doing dawah, for instance at a stall in high street (if your country has high streets!)
Also you can find comparision translations at
Pickthall is generally considered to be the most accurate, though it has old english grammar (from 400 years ago bibles, Thou, Ye, Thine etc.)

Farhan Qureshi said...

Quote: "I have long suspected that being given a name such as Qureshi or Mohammed is a near guarantee of future mental difficulties, at least in respect of rational capacity to think about religion. Sadly I see more confirmation of that in one of the comments above here."

Perhaps the narrative behind the nature of reality that you bring is more intellectually and academically plausible than the evolution of consciousness toward love, unity and harmony? Please share what you think is the ultimate reality behind our existence and let's see what the rational capacity that your religion is compared to the embrace of human spirituality through mysticism.

Quote: "Speak for yourself Ms. Qureshi, but you don't speak for me. Neither I nor any of my relatives or community have ever done any such things. And you (as your supposed "WE") didn't discover electricity or plastics either. About the only thing ever discovered or invented by muslims has been suicide bombing belts."

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23)

"Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned." (Romans 5:12)

“The one of you who is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7)

"Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" (Matthew 7)

It seems that the perception of oneness evades your awareness; I can assure you that the ability to perceive subjectively through a lens of oneness and connection is possible to the one who is open to it. The above verses require the individual at some level to perceive commonality and unity with others in our shared struggle with sin ... if you don't have one sort of suffering you surely have another challenge. If it's not multiple sclerosis, it's Islam. If it's not Islam its Bi-Polar imbalance, if its not Bi-Polar imbalance, it a struggle with Promiscuity or what have you. Until we understand the human condition psychologically, biologically, chemically, socially, culturally and spiritually, we will continue to point at other people who are suffering with blame and separation and division and hatred. That's not the way to be.

But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. (Matthew 5:44)

Farhan Qureshi said...

.... Granted, what Moore is talking about is different that the oneness that I am talking about... Moore wants us to realize that America is diverse and that there are Muslims who are American, Muslims are a part of America as much as any other people in the world and it's our duties as Americans to treat them the same way as any other American citizen is treated. I'm afraid that the blanket statement "Muslims say" "Muslims do" "Muslims believe" is outright fallacious and therefore we cannot be suspicious of Muslims for being Muslim; that's outrageous and backwards. It comes from that same parts of the brain that racism, and every other prejudice or us vs. them mentality comes from.

Robin P Clarke said...

“The one of you who is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone.” (John 8:7)
"But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." (Matthew 5:44)

It would be wonderful if there were any verses in the Quran with meanings similar to (let alone the same as) those. I'm sure many Muslims/"Muslims" wish there were. But no amount of wishing can put words in where they aren't. And that's the problem with Islam. You can't make it something else just by wishing even if a billion "Muslims" were doing that wishing.

What ALL Muslims have in common is very considerable.
1. They all declare themselves to be Muslims.
2. They all declare that the Mohammed who married old woman Khadija was the final prophet of Allah,
3. who uniquely received the Quran revelation,
4. and whose conduct is the ideal example of right conduct.
5. They declare the Quran to be the perfect final message words of Allah.

I could of course just now say "I am a Muslim even though I consider the Qur'an to be a hoax and Mohammed a hoaxer", but that would merely be an empty form of words and in practice not a matter of serious relevance here. Like saying "I am a nazi because nazism is all about avoiding wars and its founder Hitler was the kindest most peaceful man in history who never cause harm to anyone."

More to the point, everyone who declares themselves to be a Muslim is endorsing those ideas of the quran and the "prophet" being excellent guides to correct living. And thereby they necessarily put their names in endorsement of the massive evil in that book and the massive evil in the documented life of the so-called prophet. Just as if I were to go round telling everyone that It is ok to be a nazi (while believing that clap I wrote in the preceding paragraph here).

That moral endorsement of Qur'an and its "prophet" is a huge and crucial amount in common, and in view of which people quite rationally view ALL Muslims/"Muslims" with suspicion and fear and less than total admiration.

Unknown said...

This Moore and many more American idiot were paid by the Saudis to promote Islam among the careful.

Unknown said...

Michael Moore is totally clueless about Islam. His misperception of Islam is based on some weird fantasies not on facts. I'm fed up with his all Muslim campaign. It's very bad joke

Unknown said...

Moore is apparently trying to gain some attention.
I personally resent such a statement. I'm not a barbarian who stoned women to death, treats them as property and I do not go out and rape, molest and rob western women as it happened New Years eve all over Germany and Europe in general by those so called refugees.
So, I'm NOT a Muslim, I do not believe in a Mickey Mouse figure that sits somewhere in a fictional heaven where non believing women become good Muslims sex slaves. I'm not as stupid as most Muslims obviously are to believe in such bullshit.
Muslims are Barbarians who still live in the dark ages and want to drag the rest of the world back there with them.

Unknown said...

to take it further, I'm not a Muslim because I do not believe in a child molesting prophet called Mohammed who used to f..k little children as most Muslims still do - just as an afterthought; imagine a world without Muslims ... there would be piece - Muslims are a cancer that has to be rooted out before they get the upper hand

Unknown said...

The result of Merkel’s actions can now already be felt in Germany with many crimes committed by those immigrants like rape of German women, rape of German children as young as 7 years old, thefts, violent acts against German citizens on public transport by Muslim Immigrants, sexual molestations against German women, in some cases against women as old as 70. Add to this the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne and many other German cities where the reluctance of the German Government to have news spread about the thousands of crimes committed by Muslim Immigrants in one night shows how desperate Merkel is to hide her gigantic mistake by letting well over a Million Barbarians into the country.
The word Barbarians applies for Muslims as a factual description. Muslims are tribal and their Sharia law is most certainly barbaric when compared with modern, civilized laws.
To understand the mind boggling implications of Merkel’s and other European leaders including Cameron in the UK, but also all of his predecessors, one has to understand that Muslims are not like people from any other race or religion. Being brain washed from infant stage, in general of very low education and IQ, they deeply believe in their “religion” and follow the Quran by verse. They are not willing to truly integrate into another countries culture and society nor are they prepared to accept the law of the land.
The aim of Muslims having successfully infiltrated another country is to destroy and replace the law of the land with their own Sharia law and to bring an end to Democracy.
Best examples can be found today in the UK, where parts of greater London have become “No-GO” areas of non-Muslims who risk being attacked in broad daylight walking on the High Street by gangs of Muslim thugs yelling “this is our country Sharia for England” – “England will be Muslim soon”. The British Government in its “Political Correctness gone wild” is totally powerless against such events and British Policemen have to stand there being spat upon, having objects thrown at them and being ridiculed by Muslims calling them every swear word one can think off.
Those same Muslim immigrants by the way, have no problem collecting their weekly social security from the same Government they hate so much, since this is financed by British taxpayers who are Infidels and as the Quran clearly says, taking money from Infidels is not a sin, but the mission of every good Muslim as it is to kill non-believers who do not want to convert, once the Muslims have achieved a majority in a land.
Even in Germany’s larger Cities there are no-go areas for non-Muslims and that Brussels has a few very large parts where as a non-Muslim you are likely to be killed should you dare enter, is a well-known fact. However, there are many other major cities in Europe where Sharia law is practiced in certain parts, a fact, our politicians in their political correctness do not want the media to report on.
Unless there is a major change in the western political system away from the curse of Political Correctness and a re-adjustment of their priorities towards their own people combined with a willingness to enforce the law of the land against Muslims, Europe as we know from the past will stop to exist.
I’m German and am at a point where I’m thinking of surrendering my German Passport because I feel ashamed of what Merkel has done to my country.
To finish, one thought, imagine what the world would be like today if there was no Islam?
The answer is clear, there would be piece since every conflict today in the world, with one or two exceptions is caused and driven by Islam.

Robin P Clarke said...

John, You've mis-spelt peace there as piece.
No reason to be ashamed of being German, the Germanophobic lies (of the "good wars" industry) are just lies regardless of how many believe them (increasingly few now we've seen the lies about Ukraine).
Political Correctness has been going 70 years now since the defeat of nazism. But now the pendulum-swing is getting under way and "Islamophobia" is becoming the new national faith throughout Europe. The comments on all the uk media sites (mail, express, telegraph and even guardian) reflect that the "religion of peace" lies are no longer believed, any more than the "benefits of immigration" rubbish.
Islam is now the most hated and laughed at thing in history and is rapidly heading down the drain hole.

Urs Ateeque said...

Yes, Certainly we are Muslims and we are proud of this as Immigration Consultants Singapore