Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? Dr. James White

Here, Dr. James White weighs in on whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God.


Unknown said...

Absolutely no, we Christians worship God different than Muslims Allah. As all liquids are not neutral water for drink, same way all powers good or bad are not same God, we Christian believe is creator of Heaven and Earth. Evil has power too, to destroy. Besides Dr. White’s explanation on Trinity in video, Muslims also do not believe salvation thru Jesus’ Crucifixion, and Resurrection. Unlike Jesus Who is now in Heaven with the Father, Muhammad now is not in Heaven with his Allah. All Muslims pray daily to their Allah for Muhammad to take him to heaven so that they could also come to Heaven followed by Muhammad. If Muhammad is not in Heaven no Muslims would be in Heaven. This is a big difference between Almighty God and Allah.

Moreover our God is slow in anger, kind and righteous but Muslims’ Allah is cruel, hot tempered commanded Muslims to rape, pay taxes, or to kill those who do not believe Muhammad and his Allah. True believer of Islam must be Jihadists to protect Allah and Muhammad. But true believer of Christ must give his/her life to save other to please Righteous God.

Unknown said...

Salafist Sunni muslim believes wholeheartedly upon A Two Right-Handed Being (has No Left Hand) and worship this 'being' as God.

While on the other hand majority of Sunni and Shia muslim believe in this 'Substance' (arabic: Dhat) called Allah who is formless,spaceless(occupies nothing/nowhere to be found),and not a person meaning just simply another form of agnosticsm in disguise.

TheBurwellFamilyTravels said...

It is disheartening to encounter so many Christian missionaries who think that Islam
is an Abrahamic faith that just needs some tweaking.

Baron Eddie said...

I don't know why this comparison, and what good it will bring!

In Islam, it is not enough to believe in Allah but also in Mohammad!

If I say to a Muslim that I believe that our God is the same, that is not enough!

You have to insert Mohammad in the formula ...

so we have our God (True God) ≠ Islam's God + Mohammad!

If I take this formula to a kindergarten class, they will know that there is something

wrong with this formula

In my opinion, this is irrelevant

Unknown said...

Well that was a relief. I actually held my breath for a bit waiting for him to say something like "Well if by worship the same God you have to explain all the different sects of Islam and different levels of belief and note that not all people who say they are Christian are not actually Christian i.e. Mormons, and Jdubs. And if you don't say all these things then you a liar".

Dan Canto said...

Good grief. It's simple. A god is defined by what he does, says, and what he demands of his believers. Hence the God of Christianity is radically different than Allah of Islam. End of argument.
In fact we must therefore say all the gods of the various religions are different gods - we reasonably assume they do not contradict themselves and mean what they say and demand.