Monday, November 2, 2015

Does Jesus Prophesy the Coming of Muhammad in John 14? Shabir Ally vs. David Wood

According to the Qur'an, both the Torah and the Gospel contain clear prophecies about Muhammad (see Qur'an 7:157). Muslims have had nearly fourteen centuries to find these prophecies, and the most commonly cited New Testament "prophecy" about Muhammad is found in John 14:16, where Jesus declares that the "Comforter" or "Helper" (Greek "paraclete") will come after him. Even though Jesus specifically identifies the Comforter as the "Spirit of Truth" in the very next verse, Muslims claim that the prophecy refers to Muhammad. But can this passage really be applied to Muhammad? In this video, Shabir Ally and David Wood discuss the evidence. (Clips are taken from "Does Muhammad Give Us the Truth about Jesus?")


Unknown said...

Again the modus operandi of Shabbbir, repeatedly like broken record whining about Bible being corrupted as the basis of his argument even when it's not actually the theme of discussion.

He clearly wants to turn the debate into discussing SOLELY on questioning the authenticity of the bible. Here he has already pre-positioned himself that unless the Christian could provide him with 1000% proof & guarantee that Bible is authentic then all of the evidences and even the obvious context within the discussed Chapter will be totally ignored if all of those things don't serve his agenda. And he will whatsoever force his theory doesn't matter how out of the context and irrelevant his theory is . I like to call this the Nagging method of Shabbir Ali.

John 14 has clearly stated, The Comforter is obviously A SPIRIT coz He will be WITHIN Jesus' followers and ABIDE WITH them FOREVER , it's so obvious that it should have not been something to argue about.

Yet again here Shabbir forcefully nagging his way to push his idea with disregarding the obvious context of John 14 by simply accusing John 14 was corrupted so he won't believe what is written in it whatsoever.

But if he believes John 14 was corrupted then why hypocritically he based his belief on Muhammad prophethood upon this very corrupted chapter anyway??

What Shabbir does is practically throw away all verses that are not inline to serve his 'theory' (this means he has to throw most of the John 14 btw)then manufactured the remain verses as possibly as he can to fit his agenda.

However if he was asked whether 'his reconstructed saying of Jesus' is genuine and deserve the same status as sayings in Holy Quran or at least sayings in the Hadiths, I believe he surely couldn't afford that. Or even if he cunningly pretended claiming that he could afford that, but certainly the authoritative Mullahs of Islam would not ever approve this.

Put it in more simple manner, I'm convince even Shabbir himself honestly doesn't believe his so called reconstructed sayings of Jesus as true. Coz if he had truly believed in them then consequently he would've had to attribute those sayings with the same OFFICIAL STATUS as sayings in Quran or at least Hadiths.

All along Shabbir has just been toying around us in this childish play of pick'n cherrying and the pathetic yet funny part is , actually he himself doesn't genuinely believe on those things he pick.

Sorry to say guys but we've been getting PUNK'D! yet i have to give compliment to Shabbir for being a good JOKER!

Unknown said...

Could it possibly be - that Mohammad is..... the Holy Ghost? Oh my!

John 14:26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

foofy said...

These arguments have been suggested before. Is it possible, you ask?

I'm going to show you some verses. I added all the special formatting you see to highlight

Jn 14:17: [Even] the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

Read John 14:16-20 to see how it fits into the chapter.

I want to unpack the meaning of the text for you, so I will compare this with these other verses:

-John 14:19: Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also

-People saw Jesus, because He added humanness, to Himself when He was sent down as a fetus in Mary's body, and thus came in a corporeal body.

--I would not say that the world "could not see", therefore, for Muhammad. Muslims believe that he was "only human", not different from any other humans. He was visible, like normal humans.

The Holy Ghost, on the other hand, is not like a normal human, so people in the world cannot "receive Him" (i.e., to accept Him, which is what the phrase implies in every other NT usage) because they cannot know He is real; they cannot see the Holy Ghost with their human eyes.

John 14:20: At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

-This is part of Jesus' response to being asked to show His disciples the Father in verse 9, and this verse in particular closely mirrors verse 11.

--Since the Bible teaches that the Holy Ghost was to be "in" the disciples that Jesus left behind, how do you apply this to Muhammad?

--Also, how would your application of John 14:26 apply to the 12 disciples Jesus left on earth?

I don't think the text supports your interpretation.

Unknown said...

@foofy - pardon me - I have a very sarcastic sense of humor sometimes - the idea this could be interpreted that M is the Holy Ghost is beyond absurdity!

Angelo Immanuel said...

Hi , I and David wood both are former atheists , please help me , I need the email address of brother David wood. Please give , I need to know something....... Like Zakir Naik said ( )( 1.09. 00 moment ) that Jesus said I NO SIGN WILL BE GIVEN EXCEPT THE SIGN OF JONA and Jona was alive so Jesus also was alive , Jesus didn't die.................... So I need to talk to David wood. Please , anybody give it to me. APART FROM THIS I have defeated all Muslims like this - Quran( 4:157,158 ) chapter 4 verse 157 , 158 says that Jesus didn't die on cross. ALLAH miraculously took Jesus into heaven and changed somebody else look like Jesus and soldiers crucified that SOMEBODY and Christians started to think that Jesus died and rose again, so, Christians started to worship Jesus.
PROBLEM 1 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ Mohammad was born in 572 AD. How does Mohammad know what happened 572 years BEFORE HIS BIRTH ? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................
PROBLEM 2 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ Allah tricked people to believe in Jesus, so , ALLAH ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE TO SPREAD CHRISTIANITY. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................
IN JOHN CHAPTER 14 VERSE 6 ( John 14 : 6 ) Jesus said that I WILL GO AND SEND the spirit , a comforter whom NOBODY CAN SEE , and the spirit will be IN YOU.
Muslims say that
That spirit is Mohammad.
PROBLEM 1 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ Mohammad was not spirit, Mohammad was a HUMAN BEING
PROBLEM 2 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ People SAW Mohammad. Mohammad was not INVISIBLE. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................
PROBLEM 3 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ When Jesus was saying that the comforter / spirit will be IN YOU , then obviously Jesus was talking to HIS( Jesus ) DISCIPLES IN HIS( Jesus ) TIME. Jesus was not talking to anybody who was born almost 600 years later. Jesus was not telling His( Jesus ) disciples that ~ oh disciples, wait, don't die, live 600 years and I will send somebody 600 years later. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................
PROBLEM 4 ) FOR MUSLIMS ~ EVEN IF, Jesus was sending Mohammad , STILL Jesus is God. Because, EVEN MUSLIMS agree that prophet cannot send prophet, ONLY GOD can send prophet. So , IF Mohammad was prophet and Jesus WAS SENDING Mohammad( in John 14 : 6 ) then Jesus was God. Because ONLY GOD can send a prophet.
And if that was NOT Mohammad( in John 14 : 6 ) , then Mohammad is not a prophet because Mohammad's name is not in previous book( Bible ).
Muslims say that Matthew , Mark and Luke wrote limited things but John wrote so many things because John wrote much later. So he added his imagination. ~ If John is a liar, then Muslims should not quote John 14 : 6 to prove Muhammad in Bible. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................................
Muslims say that OLD TESTAMENT is book of Allah , NEW TESTAMENT is book of Allah and Quran is book of Allah. But saint Paul corrupted the NEW TESTAMENT. ~ Really ?? Then saint Paul his so powerful that he corrupted a book of ALLAH and Allah could not stop him. So, saint Paul is MORE POWERFUL THAN ALLAH !!