Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jihadi Bride Amira Abase Laughs about Victims of Tunisia Terrorist Attack

How does a 16-year-old girl get to the point where she finds the deaths of dozens of people amusing? Could this have something to do with Islam?
Amira Abase
London Evening Standard—A London schoolgirl who fled to Syria to join terror group Islamic State has mocked the victims of the Tunisia massacre.

Amira Abase, 16, unwittingly told an undercover reporter at the Mail on Sunday that she was "laughing out loud" when asked about her reaction to the shootings, which saw 30 Britons killed.

In an online conversation with the reporter, the former Bethnal Green Academy pupil appeared to know little about the recent attack by gunman Seifeddine Rezgui in Sousse.

But when she was told that Muslim leaders were condemning the attacks, she simply replied "LOL" - text speak for "laughing out loud".

Reporter Abul Taher had contacted Ms Abase under the pretence that he was a fellow British Muslim teenager planning to run away and join Islamic State.

Ms Abase fled London in February along with friends Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, to become so-called "jihadi brides".

Yesterday video emerged of three girls carrying automatic rifles around Raqqa, Syria - an Isis stronghold, but there were conflicting reports as to whether the trio were the former Bethnal Green Academy pupils.

Two of the girls have since married IS militants after choosing from a catalogue of suitors, according to reports.

Members of the girls' families, who appeared before a committee of MPs in March, claimed they were normal teenagers who watched shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Continue Reading.)
To understand why Amira Abase joined the Islamic State, watch this:


Unknown said...

They watched the Kardashians? Well clearly that is the cause. Its obvious that this has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with the Karhashians. LOL

dr.danny said...

Have you all noticed that in muslim majority countries they never talk about co-existence. Even in so call ‘moderate’ muslim country like malaysia which is a posterboy of so called successful muslim country ( LOL ), muslim supremacists insult all other faiths all the time. They demand that buddhists and hindus built their worship places in islamic style so as to blend in. They want hindus , buddhists and catholics not to build large statues so as not to offend islam, they dont want christians to have crosses on the outside , because they are like vampires and they will shrivel up at the sight of a cross or cruciifix LOL.

Interfaith dialogue only happens in infidel countries where you have lots of clueless goody 2 shoe christians and self loathing jews who wanna win over mohamad and coexist happily with him While the muslims in the west are pretending to have iftaar dinner with the gullible christians, jews and other mindless morons and useful idiots , their co-religionists in muslim majority countries are busy burning churches, temples, syagogues, gurudwaras, beheading pagans .

It is not impossible but very difficult to change a muslims mind . Islam is like a narcotic , a form of addiction and most musims are in denial or get offended and worse will kill you if you try to explain to them that all this suffering they are undergoing is because of their faux religion. Some islamologist feel that it is perhaps better to spend our energy trying to educate/wake up/ vaccinate the other 3/4 of humanity who have not yet been infected with the islamic Meme ( mental virus )

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Jesus is Lord said...

Have you noticed her eyes on the photo, it's all black! Very Creepy! "An evildoer listens to wicked lips; A liar pays attention to a destructive tongue". Proverbs 17:4

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FRANCE: There Are Over 900 Muslims the government believes are involved in Fighting Jihad there and in Iraq.
UNITED STATES: There Are Over 300 Muslims Fighting Alongside Islamic State According To A US intelligence.
CANADA: There Are Over 130 Muslims who are believed to have joined militant groups overseas, with Syria and Iraq
AUSTRALIA: There Are Over 150 Muslims Fighting Alongside ISIS in Iraq and Syria, making the country the highest foreign per capita contributor to the violence. Last summer, TIME reported that over 200 Australian Muslims had joined militant groups fighting to unseat Syrian President Bashar Assad
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A June report by the New York-based Intelligence Organization: The Soufan Group describes a region transformed into an “incubator for a new generation of terrorists,” with more than 12,000 Foreign Fighters from at least 81 countries stationed in Syria alone. Of that number, approximately 2,500 are from Western Nations, including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany and Great Britain.
(The number of Western Nations Foreign Fighters was grossly underestimated as other reports state an estimate of 4,200 Fighters!)
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Anonymous said...

I know this is about Islam and not the Kardashians, but it's probably worth considering that the Kardashians also portray women as things to be bought, used and sacrificed on the altar of fame and celebrity. The Kardashian mother has prostituted her daughters to make money, is this our new 'normal'?

How might the West's acceptance of the Kardashians and similar hedonistic lifestyles influence youth who are locked into identity struggles and looking for purpose?

We often read that these girls once watched celebrity reality TV shows as if this is to identify how normal they are, but is this the 'normal' we want for our children? And is it possible that this 'Western norm' that we hold us so often is complicit in our youth looking for a higher purpose?

Watching Kardashians is of course better than running away to be a jihaddist bride, but it is worth asking whether this corrupted view of women and family might contribute to the problem. At the very least, it is not part of the solution!

Anonymous said...

I very much doubt that the answer to Islam is to work the way it does. The 'ban Islam to remove evil from the face of the earth group' and the 'ban everything that is not Islam to remove evil from the face of the earth group' have similar outlooks.

Both groups oppose the members in their groups who they see as weak if they do not take similar views and both groups call for effectively the "end" of the other group. Both groups make a lot of statements with very little actual discourse. Both groups have a strong 'us' and 'them' underlying theme.

One of the reason that Jesus infuriated religious people was because He didn't act the way they thought a Messiah should. Even his own disciples felt he was a little too soft at times!

Yet, the wars they wanted won were small fry compared to the battle that Jesus won for them, and all of us, on the cross. Bam! In one hit, evil was defeated as Jesus said "It is done". And it is done, evil was defeated but our problem is that it wasn't destroyed in the heart's of men (not yet anyway).

Our battle is for those hearts, be they democrats in denial, jihaddist in Syria or a young teenager in Britain. This is how this spot war will be won, by looking into the eyes of those who are lost and broken and carrying enough to point them towards the truth, regardless of the cost.

Exposing lies and promoting the truth is essential, but doing it the way Jesus modelled makes it life changing!

Unknown said...


Banning Islam means banning anti-social activities that threat normal human life, such as hate crime, stealing, murder etc. Islam is nothing less than a mass bank robbery. A religious book cannot get license to kill anybody. What would you do as a state to protect civilian's life and property other than introducing laws prohibiting illegal religious believe and practice to kill non-believers? Islam would be banned because it hates non-believers to establish theocracy.

To remove evil from the face of earth is God's responsibility but to protect life and property of citizen is duty of government.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your point Nojmul, but when people write "ban Islam" they mean "ban Islam", not cut back on crime.

In most countries, all of the crimes you've mentioned are legislated against, so this is not the issue. I am calling for wanton acceptance of anyone's belief, I am addressing the fact that some people believe that telling others what they can and can't believe is somehow a solution!

Consider the governments that have believed that banning religious beliefs are a solution and you will arrive at a list of some of the worst and most horrific regimes in history.

Are you really willing to give the state or the judiciary the legislative power to decide what people can and can't believe? Haven't we seen the dangers of this already with the recent judicial decision made by 5 individuals for an entire nation?

Consider also that it was God Himself who gave man the right to choose what he believes. How much easier would it have been if God just didn't put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden in the first place, but He did! God gave the first man the choice of what to believe, because God made man in His own image and the ability to make choices between good and evil was an essential component of that image.

The ultimate point I'm making Nojmul is that Jesus changed the course of human history forever by defeating Satan on the cross, not by legislating beliefs. Our job therefore is not to ban religions but to live out our faith in such a way that people will see God in our convictions and our actions and realize the false beliefs that hold them prisoners.

Farhan Qureshi said...

Wow that was a really good video re: jihad triangle

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I am so sorry Nojmul! I meant to write "I am NOT calling for the wanton acceptance of anyone's belief".

I should have also finished by saying, that I know that many of us are writing from countries all around the world and situations which give us cause to take a different perspective on these topics. I think sometimes I forget this and I must remind myself that others have cause to take the stands they do.

God bless you Nojmul!