Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Muslim Offers Million Dollar Reward to Anyone Who Murders Me

A few years ago, I posted a video about Muhammad dying in exactly the way Allah said he would die if he were a false prophet.

As you can see from the following million dollar offer, the video continues to generate death threats (for quoting the Muslim sources and stating the obvious).


Unknown said...


you are a rat not worth million dollar

Unknown said...

@Fayaz Khan,

Your prophet Muhammad and his Allah are exactly like you, as you cursed David with your Madrassah language for his good works to save you. What else Christians can expect out of their good works when our Lord Jesus Christ was killed at the CROSS for saving mankind’s souls from wrath of evil. Fayaz, you are the fruit of Islam for which Muhammad was killed by poison by a Jewish woman, as Quran says. Your language proved devil’s influence on Muhammad in writing Quran. After your death your place would be at the right of Muhammad who is now burning in Hell fire and crying for water. I am 100% sure by my gut level spirit.

Jesus Christ, Son of God came down from Heaven for good of people, to free us from bondage of evil. But Muhammad, 600 years after Jesus’ death, resurrection and assentation into heaven, brought back devil’s activities with new spirit, by the form of a pseudo religion with a book Quran saying modified religion. Muslims are victim of this pseudo religion Islam.

Muhammad had no eye witness account to prove his authority. But on the contrary Jesus Christ proved His authority, as God and His mission into this World, by dying a painful death at cross, resurrecting within three days and finally went back to Heaven after 40 days; giving us hope for heaven. All these happened in front of eye witness, not like Muhammad.

Muhammad is a false prophet, it is up to you to believe him or not. You should give your million dollars to poor to save your life in future rather than killing a person for Muhammad and his false Allah. If they are powerful they can do that, why Muslims would do for Muhammad? We are nobody to judge or to carry out order for God. God will judge each of us at the end of the world for our decisions today and punish us according to our works that glorify His name.

Unknown said...

11 "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
Matt 5:11-12

WhatsUpDoc said...

Ha ha, a great blast from the past one of my three favorite classic along with first burn the Quran day and great sermon. Never get bored of these

Unknown said...

@Syed Sye

Generally when people comment on the worth of others, they're really speaking on what they feel themselves to be worth.

Dacritic said...

Tara, I love your quote from the Bible. As with my quote on "Islamic finance" yesterday on another post, I see this pattern with Muslims. They seem to use Taqiyya everywhere, hoodwinking themselves and other people in the process, in finance and in everything else. "I insist, therefore it must be. If you keep telling me the truth, which is the opposite of what I insist, then you are insensitive to me as a Muslim and don't blame me if I get violent against you." David, you said you are only quoting Muslim sources and stating the obvious. But Muslims have never liked that, have they? They like to continue deceiving themselves, because if they don't, they'd stop being Muslim. Of course, many are just like everyone else who are not into anything religious, they are Muslim because they just cannot be bothered to study Islam, they're not that interested. When I was in that Islamic finance class, I cannot help but think of your "Emperor's new clothes" video.

Will pray for you. We are now in a group of exposing Islam. We need everyone to stay alive, for God's sake!!! LOL... but it's true, literally.

Anonymous said...

@Syed Sye,

You have expressed your emotions without saying why you feel this way. I suspect this is because your beliefs do not stand up to honest scrutiny, but I'm always open to being proven wrong. That is all that is happening here, by the way, information is being honestly examined so that people can know what the Qur'an and the Hadiths say. I think that's important, don't you? If you do have actual objections rather than just accusations, this is a good place to put them forward.

Anonymous said...

I posted this under an earlier post about a similar threat, but I hope that Muslims will take this question seriously.


-A fascination with describing methods of punishment?

-the punishment they describe almost always in the here and now? Certainly, there are the "you're going to rot in hell" amendments, but largely these are temporal, corporeal punishment that involve physical pain, torture and death?

-the desire to see their enemy humiliated not just physically suffer. It doesn't seem enough to say "Allah will judge you", the person seems to want to be present and active in that judgement?

-threats are extended to the author's family.

These threats come from Muslims around the world, so we cannot explain this through culture, nor can we explain it by gender as Muslim women have adhered to the same patterns of abuse.

This is not a bunch of thugs from one country that you can discount for their poor upbringing.

How then can you explain the similarities between unconnected people, of supposedly different ages, ethnicity and backgrounds? There is only one thing that unites them -Islam.

The pattern of these verbal attacks, or specifically the repetition of patterns, reveal that Islam inherently appeals to that part of a person that is most base, most vicious and most willing to cast off all that is right for the sake of revenge.

If our true nature is revealed when we face opposition, then these comments provide us with a further look into the true nature of Islam.

Unknown said...

David I would be insulted if I was you. Tell him to add a few more zero's to that just like in "A few dollars more" :) Or was it a "Fist Full of Dollars" Well either way same movie just different title lol

pkeyrich said...

I find it fascinating, the sheer number of Muslims online who use such foul language.

George S. said...

Paige said: "How then can you explain the similarities between unconnected people, of supposedly different ages, ethnicity and backgrounds? There is only one thing that unites them -Islam."

This is true. Ever since the Death Cult came upon this beautiful planet, Islam has fought to kill free thinking, philosophy, cooperation, democracy, and education. Churchill once wrote, in his 1899 book "The River War", “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity."

Churchill wrote that 116 years ago, and the situation hasn't changed noy one bit. Islam fosters isnorance and hatred. One can see the lack of education and thirst for tribal vengeance and killing in the language of the rant posted to you by Fayaz Khan Patan. It's f***k you, and f***k this, and f***k that, and pen**s this, and d*g in the mouth and so on - oh, so marvellous a grasp of the English language! (Wink, wink. Of course in tongue in cheek.)

Paige was right: poor education, brainwashing, and consanguineous inbreeding has made the muslims what they are - muderous and unthinking morons. And that will not change until they realize that their so-called perfect man was a degenerate, brutal, lying, pedophile-thinking, ignorant, camel-driver. But that's not going to happen - brainwashing and despotism won't allow it to happen. The only answer, in my humble opinion is to eradicate the muslims of the face of this beautiful planet.

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE respond to this stupid kid?

Anonymous said...

Please respond to this apostate kid.

Anonymous said...

I share that thought Philip!

Using profanities and foul language is another pattern despite there being teaching (Bukhari 4847) forbidding the use of such language. Mohammad, however, cursed both men, women and in at least one instance, a child, and spoke to individuals with "malediction" (foul language), so I imagine these people are once again, simply choosing to follow their leader's example.

Keith said...


I like your questions, and I'd want to add to them. Muslims have created several patterns around the globe. The biggest pattern I now see is, while not all Muslims are terrorists, why are most terrorists Muslims?

If I was Muslim, I'd be at a loss to answer this question. I don't think any moderate Muslim can come up with a good answer to this. Even without the very extensive studies that Dr Wood has done to prove the matter beyond doubt, on a common sense level, as Donald Trump said, you know "there is something there" in Islam itself.

Unknown said...

Hello Muslim brothers/sisters,
Kill David by word, by reason, by wisdom if Muhammad and his Allah are true and if you believe your Allah created this world; Quran is word of your Allah and your Allah is omnipotence. You don’t need 1 million or even 1 dollar to kill David; if your Allah is that true supernatural power who created this world by His wisdom only, no material supports were needed to hang this world in this vast universe.

David’s point in his video (please correct me if I am wrong) is that how Muhammad could be killed if he is true Prophet of God and best of all prophets. Muslims believe Jesus was miraculously saved by Allah and sent to Heaven directly, so what did happen to Muhammad, why was he not saved by his Allah, if he is best friend of Allah (Rosul Allah), as Muslims believe today. If Muhammad is killed by poison, it proved he was a false prophet, and Muslims are brain washed to believe him as prophet. It is matter of common sense to draw conclusion and require no sentimental issue to be mad with David for his reasoning against Muhammad as false prophet. If he is wrong proof it.

If David is wrong then your Hadith is also wrong, can you (Muslim) deny Hadith? Please comment any Muslims if you truly fear your Allah and defend your Allah’s name by proofing that David is wrong by any reasonable doubts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear George S.,

Your wrote:

"Paige was right: poor education, brainwashing, and consanguineous inbreeding has made the muslims what they are - muderous and unthinking morons."

I do apologise if I have misled you with my comments. I really need to stop writing in a hurry! This was not my intention and, in fact, I strenuously disagree with the comment that you seem to have associated with me.

I will go further to defend a large sector of Muslim believers who are indeed not anything like you have described, or further yet again, to declare that God loves Muslims and sent His Son to die for them (John 3:16). That's why I take time to write here, not because I want to just angrily rant about them, but because I want them to be free of the lies that keep them from knowing the forgiveness, peace and joy God wants to give them.

I believe that is, in fact, the purpose of this website.

I am an admirer of Churchill for many reasons and several of his quotes adorn my walls. One that I love is:

"Truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is."

I hold that "truth", in my thinking, to be Jesus (John 14:6) and the revelation of Himself He has provided in His Word. Islam attempts to attack the Lord Jesus, and the world's chosen ignorance attempts to deride Him, but not only in the end, but in the beginning, middle and throughout eternity, He stands unshaken, unchanged and forever willing to forgive and heal. What then need we be afraid of?

The solution to Islam is not to eradicate Muslims. Satan has a bag of false ideologies and lies up his sleeves to replace Islam once he's done with it. The solution is to do what Jesus did -He spoke the truth no matter what it cost Him or who hated him for doing it, He loved with everything He had, and He never took His eyes of His Dad. He also never forget who He was fighting for

It worked for Jesus, it worked for the apostles, it worked for the millions of Christians who've gone before us, and, it will work for us.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

@jay shawn Yes, I have recently discovered this kid too. I am about his age, and am thinking about responding to his videos. If possible, I would like to talk to him, because he has NO idea what on earth he is talking about.

Unknown said...

It is true that God will reform this world free from devil’s influence in our day to day life by Jesus’ 2nd coming in this world. But until then, civilized world should contain evil’s law such as “Sharia Laws” that block free flow of democracy for enrichment of humanity. Jihadist interpretation of Quran and Sharia laws conflicts with democratic value and should not be tolerated by any reasons.

Britain/America gave blood for upholding democracy and now should not compromise to accept undemocratic value of Sharia Laws for power of petrodollar Muslims countries possessed under their feet (soils).

Anonymous said...

Dear Tim,

God bless you my friend. Not just for responding to this man your age, but for wanting "to talk" to him. Don't be discouraged if he does not appear to listen, words are like seeds that can come to fruition long after our conversation ends.

I quickly looked at this video and noticed also that while this young Muslim convert was obviously not from the Middle East, he tried to use a Middle Eastern accent when he said "Qur'an", "Hadith", "Surah", etc. Of course, we hear this from Sam Shamoun and others with similar backgrounds but this is their natural phonics. Many here may say these words like this for the same reason.

My question is why does he, and other Western Muslims converts like him, apply Middle Eastern accents on certain words?

I speak French conversationally, but I do not attempt to say "salon", "chaise", "boutique" or even "the Champs Elysee" as if I am French when I'm speaking English. I also speak some German, but again I do not try to pronounce words like "Schaden Freude" as if I were trying to sound German. My faith as a Chrisian began in the Middle East, but I do not say "Jesus" as if I were trying to sound Aramaic.

The Muslim answer, I suspect, is that arabic was Allah's chosen language for the Qur'an and therefore deserves special reverence. The problem with that argument, however, is that the words "Algebra", "Alchemy", "ghoul", "zero" and "zenith" are arabic words, yet I do not hear Western Muslims pronounce these with Middle Eastern accents.

If the accent compulsion is an attempt to emulate Mohammad's arabic accent, then why would they emphasize words like "surah" or "hadith"? Words Mohammad wouldn't have used. Also, why then not apply arabic phonics to the hundred and thousands of words he did use?

What does this suggest is happening in this young man's mind? Is language just another way that Islam uses to create a distinct community where young converts can feel they belong? Or am I just seeing a storm in a tea cup?

Anonymous said...

The video I'm referring to is the one about the young Muslim convert that Jay Shawn put as a link, not David's video. I'm sure that's obvious, but I thought I'd clarify just in case.

Anonymous said...

To Paige

Thank you for your comments. I will do my best to help him see the light of Jesus Christ!

All Muslims I have ever talked to, or heard speak, use that type of accent on Qur'an, Surah, Allah, etc. Like you said, it is for them another way to get closer to their god, and that is why they only do this for certain words. What I think they are trying to emulate, is the original arabic, not Muhammad. I think that it doesn't have to do with Michael alone, but the whole Islamic community in general.

As for where Michael's worldview, I saw his testimony a few months ago. He was brought up 'Christian', but obviously knew nothing of basic Christian doctrine. Basically through Muslim friends, and Imams, he became a Muslim recently. All the videos he makes are exclusively about Islam, and he is VERY devoted to it. I watched all of his videos today, and to say the least, he makes more errors in history (council of nicea, Christianity being copied from Pagan myths etc.) than most Muslim apologists, I think partially because of his age, and his lack of discernment using internet sources. (Not talking down to him, I would have made the same mistakes a few years ago) I really hope to ask him a few general questions about Bible corruption, etc. (Using Sam's Islamic Dilemma), and then, since he has a few 'debate challenges', eventually debate him, and just overall witness to him, so he can begin his journey towards Christ!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nojmul,

I very much respect your opinion and appreciate your wisdom.

I take your point but I wonder if you are not confusing democracy with human rights? Democracy, that is, government by the people, of the people and for the people, can only be inherently good if we assume that people, or at least the majority of people will always be inherently good?

It was democracy that enabled (and ended) the slave trade in Britain. It allowed the Salem Witch Hunts, fueled the horrific Reign of Terror in France, and put Hamas into power. Democracy mirrors the intentions of people's heart, not speaks into them. This is not to say that democracy is bad, just to say that it is not of itself virtuous.

I am not attacking democracy, in fact I very much appreciate it, but I am suggesting that it is not the arbitrator of justice we sometimes position it to be. In fact, it wasn't until human rights were ADDED to democracy (first in Britain) that democracy became what it is today. Despite this addition, democracy does not always act in defense of human rights as the former is a system made by men and the latter are the principles set down by God.

Just like faith without works is dead, so too is democracy without human rights. Human rights, I suggest, are what we should fight for, not democracy which can both defend and oppose our God given rights.

Just for interest sake the democratic ranking of countries is listed on the website below if you'd like to see how countries rate.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will! I'll be praying that God opens Michael's ears to hear what you have to say. Michael doesn't know it yet, but he is very blessed to have someone like you fighting for him. Bless you Tim!

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters thanks for taking your time to look at his videos. the kid, michael atwood, is a canadian and all his info is coming from islamic dawah. See how effective it is? Islamists will exploit the heck out of him because he is a westerner that can appeal to other westerners.

Paige i did notice his impeccable arabic and salutations. I think many converts enjoy the exotic nature of this religion as it makes them instant superstars in the Islamic world. Notice....the largest group of loudmouths in dawah are indeed converts. Islam has given them fame and a megaphone.

Anonymous said...

@jay shawn

From Canada...Ok. And I agree they are using him as a poster boy, they love converts like him. I am not sure that he is very educated in Islamic Dawah though, as he is even more clueless than even Osama the Quack Abdallah is...

[Update] I have found where this kid got his information from-I think Muslim Village Forums, from what I have just read on there. The things he reads off of are word for word what is on there. Let's just say that MVF, and Michael don't get their information from the other Muslim apologist from Canada ;)...(Shabir)



Anonymous said...

This really helps to know how to pray! I hope others reading this post will appreciate what other groups could see this young man as potential fodder and pray also. I think the Lord's brought this young man to our attention for a reason. Thanks Tim and Jay!

Anonymous said...

I found his email guys..

Isnt it amazing how someone could get so easily brainwashed from the basement of a home?

Unknown said...

David I really dont like that you are exposed to hearing or reading ugly comments...worse if anyone tries anything...its so dumb...its their own love them enough to tell them because you want them to find the real Jesus...maybe just preaching the Word...our stuff is the answer...and leave their stuff it visually o line for people to read with electro (ic voice and no name source...dont endanger your life David.... preach what bible comes by hearing the Word of God..not the errors of islam...true faith...this is a suggestion o ly pray for direction...we do t want to lose you..i am concerned about Nabeel ..if he attends liberal university liberal christian is apostate school...shipwreck faith of many ie bart erhman.

Anonymous said...

Jay Shawn

Brilliant, thanks!

Unknown said...


Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right democracy without human right is pointless as you compared faith without work, and St. Paul compared Christianity, Jesus without crucifixion and resurrection.

Human rights are basic ingredient of democracy based on facts that God created human with free will and we have to maintain it by practicing and hopping for good until Jesus' 2nd coming to establish reformed world without sorrow.

Sharia Laws are acts of evil, a coal for fire. Like to subdue fire supply of fuel must be stopped, same way Sharia Laws must be forbidden to make the world Peaceful.

Gauthama Banda said...

David hi, thanks for the information on the website and the great service you are doing. I would request you to consider redacting the screenshots containing inappropriate language for two reasons. First, it does not reflect well on your website. Secondly I sometimes use your website to inform my young (ish) children of the true nature of Islam because the system (school, media, etc) misinforms them. It is not 'family viewing' when your website has expletives, albeit posted by keyborad jihadists who have no concept of civil behaviour.

Dacritic said...

Patricia, I see where you are coming from when you suggested that perhaps David leaves Islam alone and preach only Christianity. He apparently is endangering his life. But God can lead us to Him in many different ways. This very website of David together with a number of other websites that expose Islam, has brought me closer to Christ than anything in the past 10 years. It has also helped me share the Gospel by first exposing Islam, because terrorism and other elements about Islam such as violence against women are topics that can be brought up easily.

Islam claims the opposite of what we say regarding the death, resurrection and deity of Christ. While I cannot move into Muslim territory on the matter of exposing Islam yet in my country, I can at least with the help of this website, try to educate non Muslims about the dangers of the Islamic ideology. Once people can accept that "NOT all religions teach you good" then perhaps they would be more exposed to finding out who God really is.

I share your concern on our apologists' safety. But their work has made me want to become an apologist myself!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gauthauma

Thank you for bring that up. I had the same thought about the foul language and perverted images it paints for exactly the same reason. This website is accessed by a high school I know, but that language may be enough to get it blocked. Perhaps it may not have been possible to dedact something from screenshots, but there is probably some very clever IT savvy person with an answer.

Gauthama Banda said...

Paige hi,

It could easily be done by the webmaster who posts the screenshots. One could use (lowly) MS Paint package to do it. So I would imagine David Wood (or whoever runs the website for him) could do it if they take the editorial decision to follow a policy where they do redact the swearing and strong language. I hope they will.

Revcrsanchez856 said...

Hello David

I think this is the most damming presentation of Muhammad I ever have watched. The Sad thing is many american muslims do not know that it is true and continue to believe what is allegedly spoken by Muhammad. I have been studying Muhammad and clearly he is a false prophet according to this presentation. I believe that Muhammad was self deceived into thinking that he was a prophet of God. From the first revelation he received in the cave, to the nestorian christian elder that confirmed that he was a prophet, to his nestorian Christian wife who became his first convert to Islam that further confirmed and financed his ministry. To the persecution he and his followers received at the hands of pagans. To when he and his fledgling Islamic community befriended Jews and christians in smaller communities around Mecca who he later wiped out or converted to Islam. The more I study the more I see a man deluded in thinking that he alone was blessed to hear the voice of God. Then it was not so clear that he was hearring the voice of God whe he alledgedly proclaimed what is now called the satanic verses of the Quran. Yet he called all peoples to believe in one God through him, lauding upon this deity the attributes of the God of the Bible. Why? Because he believed he was a continuance of a line of prophets and was to call the christians and any other person of religious faith into his world wide religion. At least the bible does call all peoples to believe in one God, but it does not need to be supported by warfare. All one has to do is reade it, the Muslim is commanded to go to those who read the bible to confirm what they believe. The areas where the Bible and the Quran disagree needs to be looked at carefully. In my studies I found that the reason that Muhammad believed that he was proclaiming the biblical truth is because of the nestorian christian influence in the area. Nestorians did not believe that Jesus is God's son, They believed that God was with Jesus and that he was uniquely born. But to beleive that Jesus was the son of God, that was not a firm belief.
How did I find this out? I looked for a Christian church that was protected by Islam when it became a world power, that church was the Nestorian Church. Why did Islam allow that church to operate under a Islamic caliphate? Because that was the church that supported Muhammad's ministry. It is just fasinating that such a spliter christian group could have such an influence in the life of Muhammad and his ministry. Checkout the origins of the Nestorian church pre-Islamic era and under the islamic era in Arabia. My thing is why did Muhammad believed and acted the way he did so sincerely. Sincerity is not an evidence of truth, many people have be sincerely wrong, but sincere none the less. Muhammad believed that he was sincerely correct and acted upon those beliefs. When the verifiable truth of God's word was revealed to the church it was easy to reject the alledged erroneous proclaimations of Muhammad. All a truth seeker has to do is research it out and any one will come to the conclusion that islam is a false religion because Muhammad is a false prophet. You hear that Muhammad is the unlettered prophet, which is to say that he was illiterate or he could not read. So how did he know Biblical stories if he could not read them? Many muslims say that it was through the miraculous power of allah that revealed them to him. I say not really, because many of the biblical stories that alledgely Muhammad recites in the Quran were popular Biblical stories that were told in the marketplaces. Muhammad committed those stories to memory and recited them to the best of his ability.