Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Believe in Muhammad

Muhammad robbed more than caravans. He also robbed religions.

The prophet of Islam stole key figures from Judaism and Christianity, and religious practices from the polytheists of Arabia.

Hence, when Muslims say that they believe in Jesus or Moses, they only mean they believe in religious figures Muhammad pointed to and said, without any evidence whatsoever, "I declare they were Muslims."

But if that's all it takes to believe in Jesus or Moses, why can't we do the same with Muhammad?


Michelle Qureshi said...

Wow. I hope people actually see the point you're making - it's a solid point.

Unknown said...

@ David, thanks for unlocking conspiracy theory of Caliph Osman producing Quran by his own story about Islam, near about 20 years after death of Muhammad. As you said Osman is the culprit who distorted Muhammad’s teaching about One and only God thru Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Common sense speaks Osman burnt original Quran to hide the truth.

Circumstantial evidence says that Muhammad was true believer of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unless he believed Jesus as Son of God, he would not believe Jesus’ miraculous birth conceived by Holy Spirit from above.

Muhammad did not see Jesus, but believed according to Gospel about Jesus’ miraculous power to give life to a three day old dead man and miraculous birth. That’s proved Muhammad’s total submission to authority of Jesus as Son of God.

Muhammad knew that he who comes from above must be superior to any man/prophet born out of father and mother. Muhammad also knew that he had no miraculous power and he himself was born out of father and mother. He cannot claim himself superior than Jesus as Osman claimed by his book Quran.

Islam is all about conspiracy of Osman. Zakir Naik and all other defender of Islam should take Dr. David Wood’s claim that Muhammad was true believer of Jesus Christ, but Osman made Muhammad superior to our Lord Jesus Christ. Catch Dr. Wood if Zakir Naik can!

Unknown said...

Brilliant. Oh David I hope you get that debate. I would just add that Uthman was a JEW after he was killed for his apostasy he was only allowed to be berried in the Jewish cemetery.

Unknown said...

David I'm sure you realize we have more evidence for a Christian Mohamed then Muslims do for an Islamic ISA lol.

akairey said...


Keith said...

Hey Nabeel! Saw this video of yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwU-Lnyirts. Brilliant! Well, I guess if this video or this idea of David's went viral, it would be very interesting at least to see how Muslims would respond to the thought of Muhammad being a Christian! I have to say I like the idea. David, you're making one knock-out video after another, the Holy Spirit is very active.

Unknown said...

I like your version of Muhammad...why couldn't he really be like that. Maybe I'll just choose to ignore history as r believe your version anyway :)

Awesome video David. This ranks as one of my favourites to date.

WhatsUpDoc said...

This is the work of a true genius. Keep up the good work David.

Anonymous said...

Dave, love you man, but youngotta smirk less on your videos. I know its hard to, but try to contain it

Jesus is Lord said...

Brother, you just hit a home-run! This is perfect work, wow! ;) GBU!

Unknown said...

A very good twist on the twisters of history....

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Ah, employing logical fallacy to expose logical fallacy. I suspect many Muslims will just listen to this and take offence, but some, I'm sure, will be able to see that you are exposing the irrational processes through which truth is strained and served up to them.

Were Chaucer still alive, I can imagine that you would like each other.

Orrick said...

I believe in Muhammad. He was a devout Christian.

D. Collaric said...

Allah's great lie: Jesus did NOT die on the cross.

If one lived at the TIME of Jesus following him as one of the 12 and were a contemporary to the events as they unfolded one would have witnessed the following according to the Koran:

The “Jews” were looking to KILL Jesus. Allah in order to FOIL their plans comes up with the following scheme:

1.) The ascension of Jesus (alive) took place PRIOR TO the crucifixion of the substitute. (Enemy or “friend/volunteer” of Jesus not clear.) (Gospel of Barnabas is used to claim it was Judas...)
2.) The substitute was KILLED by the “enemies” but NOT raised to life.
3.) the 12 disciples KNEW that Jesus LEFT the earth PRIOR to any “fake crucifixion”
4.) since there was no resurrection or a DEAD JESUS, the early Christians could NOT teach such a “faith”.
5.) Saul/Paul was a Jew who may or may not have heard about a crucifixion which took place in Jerusalem.
6.) There was no resurrection of the substitute, Saul could not teach the resurrection of this fake Jesus, since allah did NOT RAISE him.

7.) the 12 disciples when faced with the question about WHERE IS YOUR JESUS NOW had 3 choices:
8.) Admit that Jesus LEFT the earth prior to the fake crucifixion (then allah lies by using a substitute)
9.) Claim that Jesus DID NOT LEAVE the earth, but the REAL JESUS died on the cross, REJECTING allah's ploy of using a substitute.
10.) refuse any answer.

11.) the disciples had the choice to tell the TRUTH that Jesus left the earth or LIE that the substitute was Jesus.
Either way, the faith in a risen Jesus would rest on a FALSE JESUS, or the substitute, because the real Jesus was taken out of the earth.

The only truthful explanation would be that allah misleads people, ARE muSlimes prepare to admit this?