Monday, June 15, 2015

British Muslim Convert Thomas Evans Dies Fighting for al-Shabab in Kenya

There comes a point when we need to ask ourselves: "What's more important, the lives lost in the name of Islam or the feelings of those who defend it?" So far, politicians and the media are convinced that the feelings of Muslims are far more important than those killed in the name of Allah.
Thomas Evans before converting to Islam
BBC—The mother of a British man killed while fighting for Islamist militant group al-Shabab in Kenya has told the BBC her "whole world has fallen apart".

Sally Evans, from Buckinghamshire, said a journalist had phoned to tell them Muslim convert Thomas, 25, had died.

Her other son Michael said that when he looked on Twitter, the first thing he found was a picture of Thomas's body.

"We remember him as being my brother, your son," he told the BBC. "But to everyone else he's just a terrorist."

Kenyan officials have confirmed that Thomas Evans was killed on Sunday when al-Shabab fighters attacked a military base in the north of the country.

Thomas Evans after converting to Islam
Militants armed with AK47s and grenades raided the base in Lamu County, close to the Somali border, and then stormed a nearby village.

Eleven gunmen were killed in total and two Kenyan soldiers also died.

Evans, who had changed his name to Abdul Hakim, contacted his family in 2012 to say he had travelled to Somalia to join the militant group.

At least 50 British citizens are believed to have joined al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda affiliate based in Somalia, which has been behind a series of high-profile attacks in Kenya and Somalia.

Ms Evans, from Wooburn Green, said she would remember her son as "the little boy who had a bright future before he went down the path he went down".

She said he had met "some people with some very twisted, warped ideas of Islam" in the local area to begin with, and was later influenced by online material. (Continue Reading.)
Notice that even after her son dies fighting for Allah, Sally Evans defends Islam by claiming that her son's martyrdom was due to a "twisted, warped" idea of Islam. Of course, that "twisted, warped" view is exactly what we find in Islam's most trusted sources. Here's what Islam teaches about fighting unbelievers:


Unknown said...

Thanks be to God for killing 11 Terrorists fighting for Evil and its kingdom in this world. Britain is double minded in taking strategy to defeat Muslims terrorists and increasing suffering for people of whole world by supplying terrorists from Britain. Britain fails to plan and are planning to fail in defeating Muslims terrorists. How in the world Anjem Choudary be allowed to fight for those devil’s Sharia laws in Britain that kills freedom of speech?

Anonymous said...

The saying "pride comes before a fall" is unquestionably true, but it is also true that a lack of healthy regard for one's identity can allow things to fall on us! Britain has lost herself in a scramble to embrace modernity. She has sacrificed tradition for the sake of fitting in!

It is time that Britain remember their history and that they were once a place where people like William Wilberforce, Olaudah Equiano (1745 - 1797), Sir Isaac Newton, and writers like Wordsworth, Blake and Colleridge found voice to challenge the status quo.

They need to remember from whence they were saved! The history books shall take a sharp turn in this chapter of their national narrative if they do not.

Unknown said...

Why you aren't approved my comments ? Its parciality

Unknown said...

@noshin malik,

You must be threatening life of non-Muslims for criticizing Muhammad for his blasphemous works against our Holy God and His son Jesus Christ. Muhammad lied about Holy Bible saying it is corrupted without any proof. He is anti-God. No reasonable people can accept Muhammad's claim, Quran a book from Allah, by logic to make another book like Quran. Muslims are stupid, hypnotized by melody of Quran to believe it as holy book. Your Allah cannot make a book like Shakespeare's Macbeth, can he? It does not proof that Shakespeare is god. It is absolutely nonsense to prove anything by copy of a book.

Muhammad and his Allah have nothing to proof their superiority as creator as Christian find in the Bible about Holy God. Like devil, Muhammad and his Allah is empty vessel sound much. They made Muslims by terrorizing people and you are one of them. Please note that criticizing our Lord Jesus Christ is your problem not headache of Christians. But Christians wish good for anti-Christ from wrath of God, nothing else. David welcomes constructive criticism even about him. Try again.

Jesus is Lord said...

The Mother Of The Terrorist Now Dead STILL Don't Get It:

She Said: he had met "Some People With Some Very Twisted, Warped Ideas Of Islam" in the local area to begin with, and was later influenced by online material.

The "Truth and the Fact" is: the people who she said has a "Very Twisted and Warped Ideas of Islam" like al-Shabaab, ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are TRUE Muslims Who Follow Word For Word The TEACHINGS Of Their Prophet Muhammad In The Unholy Koran So They FIGHT JIHAD (Called Mujahideen) Against The Infidels/Unbelievers (Kafirs) For The Sake Allah!

All The ISLAMIC TERRORIST Groups Which Are True Muslims (LISTED ABOVE AND BELOW) Have Several Things In Common:

- They ALL Read and Carry a Quran.
- They ALL Express their Devotion and Love for Allah
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- They ALL Interpret the Quran the same way non-Muslims "warns" you (Muslims) not to follow the same steps!
- They ALL Shout Allahu Akbar (glory to Allah) when they're happy and it's usually because they just killed a Kafirs (Infidels/Unbelievers) or Jew or Christian or Shia, Etc.)
- They ALL Express Who & Why they're Fighting for and it's for the Sake Of Allah.
- Now, WHO Are "THEY"? It Represent Every Groups Of Muslims Fighting Jihad For The Sake Of Allah Like:

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Ben said...

Is Islam a Threat to the West?
I believe the central point related to the subject discussion is falling down to this core issue: Religious Liberty.
History shows that the western civilization was founded based on Christianity. All people (from different religions, ethnic, skin color background, etc) who live in the Western countries enjoy religious freedom where they can freely practice their own religions.
Even a small immigrant population who come and live in the Western countries, they all are protected by the constitution (which was written based on Christian beliefs and values in the beginning in many Western countries) and have equal right, and can worship and practice their religion freely without being feared of persecution.
Now look at the situation in other countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (just to name a few where these countries are based in Islam as their state religion), minorities (non Islam) citizens have no equal right as their fellow Muslim citizens to practice their religions. There is no church building allowed to be built in Saudi. Many Christians live under persecutions in many Islam state countries (see, )
Religious freedom is at the stake here.

May God Almighty gives us wisdom and understanding to reasoning and justify the unbalance situation here