Saturday, May 16, 2015

Muslim Says He Wants to Kill Me over Interview

In 2012, I interviewed two former Muslims (C.L. Edwards and Farhan Qureshi) on why they left Islam (click here to watch it). Apparently, I said something in the video that made a Muslim want to murder me. Unfortunately, since so many different things seem to offend Muslims these days, I don't know what he's referring to. Here's the message, in case anyone can decipher it:


SR said...

Are you sure that he meant you David? He mentioned someone else named Davis Wood, do you have twin brother that we didn't know about?

JJ said...

might have to change career chopping of heads isnt allowed in US

Anonymous said...

Lol david. By the looks of his name, he seems to be yet another pakistani. There needs to be done a study on these people

Malcolm said...

Do you not agree we should only provide employment for such persons in Barbaristan?

WhatsUpDoc said...

Ha ha, job is the key to calm him down. I love David's sense of humor.

simple_truth said...

Thanks, David, for the comic relief.

IslamSINS said...

Well, his complaint is obvious to me! It's either multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank(s).

Fred said...

I think each and every threat should be taken seriously by us and the FBI. Although the 'reason' for this threat seems laughable to normal human beings followers of Islam are just that, followers. Reason is blasphemous to them.

Unknown said...

Islam turns normal thinking people into animals. This is the rubbish ideology of Islam that makes it feels superior to other faiths. If you claim its superiority why must you become an animal in order to defend this superior nonsense. This and other threats should be taking seriously by all law enforcement agencies. These are the dying days of a satanic religion that has been perpetuated for too long.

Unknown said...

Hey David, I saw this video on the cartoon incident and it says a lot about debased liberal's morals. Enjoy

Unknown said...

Lol David wood i like your style. The epic thing i like is that whenever they threaten u, you dont respond angrily back rather u give them sharp answers to make themselves rethink their own logic.

Dont be discouraged, muhammad their prophet was intolerant they cant ignore criticism.

Anonymous said...

Why does Islam stop inventions? Why does Islam stop free thought? Why does Islam kill people that allow free thought and inventions? What are they afraid of? Why don't Islam except the truth?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that humour is sometimes used to diffuse tension, but I am unable to see the humour in this article that others clearly do.

The person who posted this threat is clearly disturbed and angry, yet it seems that poking fun and ridiculing his feelings, even suggesting he's nothing more than "an animal" provides a bit of entertainment for some, and sport for others.

Regardless of how evil his intentions are, this person is still a human being that Jesus died for. God doesn't have a little chuckle every time someone becomes a bit more chained up by hatred and evil, nor does he release that person into our hands as fair game or open sport!

God has told us to love those who hate us and curse us, there is not one scripture in the Bible which gives us permission to respond with contempt and ridicule, regardless of how bad the persecution is.

I suspect that David has two reasons to post these tweets. One is to demonstrate to Muslims the extremism that is inherent in Islam and the second is to bring these threats out into the open where all, including the authorities, can see them.

Comments that are simply hateful and inflammatory serve only to put people in unnecessary danger. This does not mean we do not speak out, it means we learn to speak out with words that precipitate change and create opportunity for God to work in the heart of that person.

Some of you will see my comment as an over reaction, but words have power. They can be used to heal, to confront evil, to speak out the truth and they can be used to push people away from it as well, and even push people towards committing more evil.

Imagine if you yourself did something wrong, what would drive you towards change? People demeaning your feelings, calling you names and mocking you? Or people telling you that God loved you even while you were yet a sinner?

A short time back in Bali two young Australians sentenced to death, both Christians, walked up to the Muslim soldiers who were about to shoot them and hugged them, telling them all that God loved them and that they forgave them for what they were about to do. I imagine that response to a threat did a good deal more than any of us will ever know.

Anonymous said...

Dear @Jay Shawn,

Helen Keller once said "the world is full of suffering, but it is also full of the overcoming of it".

Though the news does not report it, I can promise you that part of that "overcoming" is occurring in Pakistan as well. There are saints in every corner of the world whose names and work we will never hear about.

It seems this country is on your heart. It is a country that needs people to pray for it and intercede for those doing the Lord's work, and for the children who are often forgotten by the rest of the world. Perhaps this is why Pakistan is always before you, perhaps God means you to pray and stand with them to speak words of hope and faith.

I can send you a link to several Pakistani pastor who would appreciate your prayers if you would like.

Keith said...

Hey Paige, I like that quote that you put up from Helen Keller. Thanks!

Auke Feitsma said...

I always wonder why Jezus called the leaders of his time serpents (not very nice)and He talked the Truth and was not very concerned about the feelings of those people. And why Paul was kicked out of a lot of synagoges. Mayby because he talked so smoothly. Sometimes i truly not understand Christians who sensirely think that turning the other cheak is about not hurting another ones feelings. Turning the cheak was the ultimate insult for the one who had to hit. In those times, when a high person hit someone,always with one hand, the innerside was for the poor people and the outside was for people who were equal. When Jezus says turn the other cheak, He means that the person had to slap Him with the outside of the hand. It was a token of Power NOT of weakness. He is not an humanist/ atheist who think that it means that we have to take beatings just because we don't insult people and we are christians. Of course those people distort the teachings of Jezus, because they know that the Word of God is a sword and God Himself who is speaking, when we use the Word.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you guys are on about? Can't you see that poor Muslim guy meant that he just want to hug David Wood?

Oriyomi said...

Paige has well spoken, and what she said is the Gospel truth. Though Jesus Christ rebuked the leaders of that time, he didn't poke fun at them. The rebuke was to bring them to theirs senses (which is what this website is doing by exposing the deceit in the claims of this religion). 2 Corinthians 10:4 (NIV)-
4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.
We do not respond to hate speech with hate speech (maybe that is how the world does it?) The devil will be happy to have us use up time and resources on this one person while many that maybe open to the Gospel perish.
Who ever he is (the issuer of the threat) is like a bull in a China shop, we need to be careful in leading him out.
David We appreciate what you are doing in exposing this evil and thereby risking so much, my prayer is God will continue to watch over you even as this veil of deceit is thorned open.

Unknown said...

Dear Auke Feitsma,

You wrote "He talked the Truth and was not very concerned about the feelings of those people"

I respectfully disagree. The truth that Jesus spoke was aimed decisively at the hearts of men. When he called those men "vipers", Jesus knew the power of those words and how it would make them feel. As an indication of His concern for them and those who were listening, Jesus followed His words up with a warning to them:

“But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” Matt.12:36-37

Why warn them that they were at risk of eternal condemnation if He didn't care about them? Jesus was therefore not just speaking out an accusation when he called them "vipers", He was speaking words that could set them free.

You are correct, however, in saying that to turn the other cheek is a sign of power but certainly not for the reasons you give. The actual instruction here is "do not resist an evil person" (Matt. 5:39a), turning your cheek is simply an illustration of that instruction. So the issue is not turning the other cheek, but choosing not to resist an evil person.

As Charles Spurgeon said "we are to be as the anvil when bad men are the hammers". That might sound burdensome, but think about it? What is stronger and less able to be damaged? A hammer or an anvil?

As Jesus spoke those words, He knew only too well that He Himself would be living those instructions, not for Himself, for each one of us. It is likely that when he spoke of turning the other cheek, He was giving specific instructions to His disciples who be struck on the cheek many times and would have to know how to model their ministries on His example.

John Stott wrote,"The command of Jesus not to resist evil should not properly be used to justify either temperamental weakness or moral compromise or political anarchy or even total pacifism". He is right as
the power that follows from the choices we make not to resist evil people surpasses the power of a super nova explosion! It is Jesus' love and the cross unleashed and evil has no answer to it.

Unknown said...

Dear Oriyomi,

Well said! What brilliant imagery...a bull in a China Shop. Yes, yes, let's use our words to lead him out.