Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Allah and Muhammad on the Setting of the Sun

According to Allah (Qur'an 18:86), the sun sets in a pool of water. Muslims try to reinterpret this to mean that Dhul-Qarnain simply saw the sun's reflection in a pool of water. While this obviously isn't what the text is saying, Muslims face an additional problem. Muhammad is the greatest interpreter of the Qur'an, and Muhammad also said that the sun sets in a pool of water. Since Dhul-Qarnain isn't mentioned in this hadith (Sunan Abu Dawud 4002), Muslims can't say that Muhammad was only referring to Dhul-Qarnain seeing a reflection. Muhammad believed that the sun sets in a pool. Hence, if Muslims want to believe that the Qur'an means something other than what it says, they're claiming to understand the Qur'an better than their prophet did.

For more on Islam and the setting of the sun, watch this:


Japie said...

Lol. That interpretation makes no sense. Think about it. He traveled to a specific place where he found a specific group of people. So this is a geographically unique place and it is identified as the place where the sun sets.

You can see the reflection of the sun setting in any pond or even a bucket of water anywhere!

WIKI's Page said...

Excellent Dr David. God bless you.