Friday, April 24, 2015

Brooklyn College Students Shout "Free Palestine!" at Jews after Pamela Geller Speech

As I was leaving the Pamela Geller speech at Brooklyn College, I saw that students had gathered outside to shout "Free, Free Palestine!" at the Jews who were exiting. I caught the end of it with my camera. Some girls even formed a ring around me!


Unknown said...

This is the beginning of Muslims' demand in American soil to free Palestine for Muslims. Next step Muslims will ask for Muslim land in America and Europe unless it is stopped now from the root. Unlike Christians, Muslims are blood thirsty, because Quran encourage them to die for Allah and establish reign of terror like Pakistan, Somalia, and Middle East.

All these happening now, because of Arabian petro-dollars are flooding in American politics. God bless America and save from evil!

Unknown said...

Let us free epicenter of Islamic terrorism. These Islamic thugs do not shout when innocent Christians are killed openly in Muslims countries. Christians are not allowed to build Church in Saudi Arabia including Mecca. Free Saudi Arabia for freedom of speech. Technically Freedom of Speech is not for Muslims, because their Allah made them slave to evil power, which blocks their eyes to see light of truth.

Founding Fathers of America introduced Freedom of Speech bill to American Constitution based on believe that all mankind are created equally. But Islam believes non-Muslims do not have right to live, they must be killed. Thus Freedom of Speech is not for Muslims unless Saudi Arabia is free for all faiths.

MustSee said...

With all the drama with "Free Palestine", which is code word for "we hate Jews". Muslims have never questioned WHY the Quran doesn't mention Palestine ONCE in their Quran, yet mentions Israel/Israelis 44 times.

In fact Allah is a Zionist. Allah doesn't recognize Palestine, but does recognize Israel. In fact the Quran says that Allah will bring Israelis from all different nations to live securely in Israel.

If the Quran is "for all time", then why didn't Allah mention Palestinians or Palestine?

nacanacazo said...

I completely agree with the sentiment: Free, free Palestine.... Of Hamas.

Charlie said...

I went to Speakers Corner and I swear they are taught intimidation tactics at their mosque. They crowd around you in your personal space and is creepy. I saw them doing it to someone on a TV show too. The whole cult is disturbing.

Foolster41 said...

This is the right sort of response:
(Councilman Greenfield Denounces Anti-Semitic Outburst in NYC Council Chamber)