Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Muslim Man Stabs Wife 15 Times for Wanting to Learn English . . . in Great Britain

Here's a fact that our leaders just can't get their minds around: Beliefs have consequences. We're told not to question the beliefs of Muslims, and that we're racists if we do. But when a man believes what Allah and Muhammad say about women, there is a significant danger of abuse. If we ignore this danger, aren't we saying that Muslim women don't matter?
Nazakat Ali
Daily Mail—A domineering husband tried to murder his wife by stabbing her 15 times after she said she wanted to take up English lessons.

Nazakat Ali, 30, stabbed his 27-year old partner Shahzana Kausar during a row at their home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, after she made it clear she wanted to enrol at college to study English.

Manchester Crown Court heard how he grabbed a knife and, in front of his own mother, stabbed his wife more than a dozen times as he refused to accept that she wanted to gain a 'degree of independence'.

Following the attack on September 29 last year, Ali fled the scene and Ms Kausar was left lying in a pool of the blood on the floor.

She was later flown to hospital where doctors carried out two emergency operations to heal stab wounds to her neck, collarbone, abdomen, ribs and a severed artery which caused her to lose one third of her body's blood.

Ali has now pleaded guilty to attempted murder and has been jailed for 14 years by the judge who called him a 'dangerous man'.

The court heard how the incident unfolded after Ms Kausar returned home from the Jobcentre and told her husband that she had been advised to enrol at college to improve her English.

He told his mother, who was living with the couple at the property, that he was not going to allow his wife to join the course, and an argument ensued.

The couple had known each other for 16 years and married in Pakistan in 2005 before moving to the UK together in 2008. (Continue Reading.)
If you'd like to know what Islam teaches about women, watch this:


Radical Moderate said...

Wow a clear case of Islamophobia. There was a report that Kuffarophobe Muslims have drudged up that says that 20% of Muslim woman in the UK are afraid. I can now see why

Mahsheed said...

Very sad story. Justice should be race, creed, and color-blind, period.

Unknown said...

Thanks David bringing fruits of Islamic teaching thru heinous crimes happening now in developed countries and we can easily understand what is happening under Sharia Laws in under developed Muslim countries.

@ D. Collaric,

By the story of "night-journey" (Shob-e-Miraz) as you described in your earlier posting, Muhammad misled Muslims to believe him as prophet and made Jerusalem illegally a holy place for Muslims. Night Journey is a total imaginary story of Muhammad and Muslims believe it a scientific miracle. Don’t you Osama Abdulla and Zainab Zariat?

There was no mosque in Jerusalem before but Muhammad said while he was asleep in Mecca mosque with his cousins he travelled with a Burraq (faster than velocity of light) and reached in Baitul Maqdas, a mosque in Jerusalem, where he led a prayer meeting with Moses, and other prophets etc. etc. and saw paradise, hell etc. etc. heavenly places while travel and finally received present day instructions for Muslims’ prayer (Namaj). All incidents written in Quran are full of Muhammad’s hallucination and unrealistic in practical sense.

I wonder how Ph.D. degree holders Muslim believe all these crabs without justifications. Question to Muslims: why did Muhammad not taken any one of his companions to witness his night journey as Christ did in His ministry in this world to glory of God?

Notice while Jesus, in His transfiguration took Peter, James and John (Matthew 17) to a high mountain. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus. While Jesus was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!” Osama Abdullah which account is more believable, a testimony with eye witnesses or only self-testimony, as Muhammad told in Quran and Hadith for Miraj?

Peter, John, and James witnessed this miraculous sigh of Jesus and heard testimony of God himself about His beloved Son Jesus and told all Christian to obey Him. We believe Jesus, Son of God not because Jesus said so but because God Himself told in many occasions to people of Jerusalem as testimony for Jesus, so that we believe Him.

Wake up people of Islam, shake up your blocked head and believe the truth Jesus gave to us for our salvation. In John 14: 6 “Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Osama we Christians believe in “Holy Trinity” because of testimony from God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ with eye witnesses recorded in the Scriptures. Muhammad lied about Christians and we cannot believe him. He is a false prophet. Any comment!

Anonymous said...

Anothet Pakistani. There is something up with the paki breed of muslims

Anonymous said...

If you read the whole article, it gets worse...

He had previously burgled a home in which he had threatened a mother and her baby with a screw driver!

The murderous man's shrewd mother testified that both her son and daughter-in-law were both often violent. Telling the police that her son stabbed her daughter-in-law when she "ran at him" (apparently 15 times).

The question is did Mohammad ever face a situation like this?

The answer is yes. Abu Dawood tells us that a man actually murdered his wife with a knife because HE said (there was not one witness) she was speaking disrespectfully about Mohommad. Other Hadith go on to explain that two of her children ran to mutiliated body and became covered in blood, some read this as she was pregnant and he tore the babies from her womb. What did Mohammad say to the murderer?

He pardoned the man because the woman had insulted Mohammad, which Mohammad said was the same as insulting Allah, and so the murder was just.

(This story comes from a reliable Hadith.)

Does the Qur'an teach men that they can beat their wives if they are continually rebellious?

The answer is Yes (Surah 4, verse 34).

Some will explain that the real meaning of this verse is to beat her lightly, but either way, a Muslim has permission from Allah to physical attacked his wife.

Perhaps this is why the mother, who watched her daughter-in-law being stabbed over and over, thought her son was in someway justified?

D. Collaric said...

Yeah Nojmul Huda

This night-journey had me also searching for answers for quite a while. As you wrote, there was NO TEMPLE in Jerusalem.

Now if Satan wants to MISLEAD HIS own profeet to be the JEWISH MESSIAH can't think of a better ways as to transport him to Jerusalem in a vision, in which even Jesus lets the PAGAN turned Muslim to lead them all in prayer. If Satan wants to connect the PAGAN/MUSLIM to the GOD OF THE OLD TESTAMENT such an event would be the perfect approach.

A false MESSIAH can instill in people the hope of change in the society and this was IMHO also the case with the Pagans of Yathrib/medina, who were divided. Both of these warring camps had enough people to fall for the lie that aba-l-qasim was this Jewish Messiah. Even “Mohammad” has several meanings, one of them should be “the anointed” one, except for an opinion I've read somewhere I could not find any trustworthy source confirming that this is so.

Having said all this, IMHO the lice-ridden non-Jewish PAGAN turned Muslim was THE VERY FIRST victim in the effort by Satan to establish a religion which would HONOR him as God. I must admit had I lived in his place, and had experienced the very same things, I doubt that I could have resisted it, especially when Satan used the “evil” inclination in him, to give him things (sex, riches, and power) to convince that any deity would bless the faithful.... here in this world and in paradise.