Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Michigan Muslim Terrence Lavaron Thomas Stabs Two People for Being Unbelievers

Terrence Lavaron Thomas, a Muslim from Detroit, went to a bus stop, asked two people if they were Muslims, and proceeded to stab them when they said they weren't.

If this had been a story of two Muslims being stabbed by a non-Muslim, groups like CAIR would be shouting from the rooftops that the attack is the clear result of Islamophobia. But since non-Muslims were attacked by a Muslim, CAIR will insist that Islam has nothing to do with the attack (just as it had nothing to do with the more than 25,000 deadly terrorist attacks carried out since 9-11).

Double standards, anyone?
Terrence Lavaron Thomas
SOUTHFIELD, MI - Southfield police have arrested a 39-year-old man who allegedly stabbed two other men multiple times at a bus stop near Northland Mall in Southfield Saturday night.

Terrence Lavaron Thomas, of Detroit, will be arraigned on charges of two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and one count of possession of marijuana.

Thomas's bail was set at $1 million cash or surety bond.

According to police, Thomas attacked the victims, a 52-year-old man and 51-year-old man from Detroit, after he "made several comments about his religion and asked the victims about their religious beliefs just before the assault occurred."

Nick Loussia, Deputy Chief of Police for the Southfield Police Department, said Thomas "is Muslim, and asked the victims what religion they were" before allegedly attacking them.

When police arrived to the scene Saturday night, they found that the 52-year-old victim had been stabbed in the head, neck and back. The 51-year-old victim had been stabbed in the hand.

Both men were taken to Providence Hospital by paramedics, and have since been released with non-life-threatening injuries.

Southfield police located Thomas "a short time after (the) incident" walking near Greenfield Road and Seven Mile Road Saturday night. According to police, he was taken into custody "without incident." (Continue Reading.)
To understand Muhammad's teachings about non-Muslims, watch this:


Abu Nasir said...

Cant wait for Osama to bring some amusement in my day when commenting following:

1. Calling this fake
2. Calling it a "secret" Jew attack
3. Somehow incorporating the trinity into this subject.

I havent seen any other response from Osama on this site, but somehow it always cracks me up.

Unknown said...

How much more innocent blood does our President Barak Obama and liberal media need to call a spade a spade? President still believe 99.99% Muslims are good, only few are terrorist and failed to identify real enemy. Because of weak American strategy, lone Muslims wolf in America get encourage to come in day light and kill innocent people one after another. And at the same time ISIS wins cities after cities in Iraq.

Tonight Bill O’Rally of Fox News called for Holy war against Muslim Jihadists and asks Christian and Jew priests and Muslims Mullahs to rally in Churches, synagogue, and Mosques to put pressure on Obama government to take concrete action to stop Muslim Jihad.

Enough is enough. Muslim like Osama Abdullah would not do anything to stop ISIS and lone Muslim wolf in America to stop killing. It is now clear to people that Osama Abdullah and so called “good Muslims” enjoy killing non-Muslims from behind the screen.

ISIS gathered enough power and courage that they even think to attack Pope in Rome from Libya. It is now time to wake up for all good people to fight against evil, before it is too late.

jpd said...

Now the verse 2:106 translation and interpretation has changed to we do not abrogate, seems this chase has happened from the year 2003, please publish shia translated Quran before 2002 to site translations

Joseph said...

This is CLEARLY a Zionist Jew pretending to be a muslim. I don't know how you guys are so blind to the OBVIOUS facts. This is SOOOO CLEARLY FAKE - There wasn't even any blood!!! I know because I was there!!!

Well not really there, but I watched the video!!!

Well, not really because there was no vid - THE JEWS DID IT!!!

Those two men are also Zionist Jews who received a handsome sum of money to fake their own deaths to make Islam look bad.

They are now living on a beach somewhere spending US Zionist Dollars living it up. We know who to blame for this media atrocity... THOSE JEWS!!! (Shaking Fist)

Hey guys - How was that? Accurate?

Osama Abdallah said...


This here is a pathetic case of an AMERICAN CITIZEN who was raised and conditioned to become a sub-human animal from his youth,
by being raised without any CHOICE in bad neighborhoods filled with gangs, thugs, drug dealers and high crime rates. And somehow Islam is to be blamed for this? Shouldn't the corrupt and empty Christianity be blamed for this IF YOU want to blame a religion for it?

Anyway, the conspiracy against the blacks in America is nothing new. The sadist thing is that children are raised and mentally conditioned to become criminals. So one can only expect crimes of this type to occur in Detroit.

The fact that David Wood tried to bring 9/11 into this just shows how desperate his position is against Islam. Just blame Islam for anything and everything possible, even for the ROTTEN FRUITS of your zionist and white supremacist lords who created those criminals on purpose.

Osama Abdallah

Danny L. Newton said...

It is interesting to look at very old movies between 1930 and 1935 and see how Hollywood was able to see the threat of Nazi Germany in movies featuring Batman and other superheros. I saw an old Batman Movie that incorporated a cameo of a museum featuring the horrors of Nanking. No such clairvoyance is allowed in Hollywood today. I recently heard that a Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias was threatened if he released a book of an imaginary encounter between Jesus Christ and Mohammad. Dr. Zacharias has produced several short encounters Between Jesus and people like Buddha and Hitler without threat from the local Bund or Buddhist Community.

How much would it take to make a movie about Mohammad? I don't think I would like to be in it, but certainly, the location would not have to be complex nor would the current state of movie making be unable to disguise the actors. If the same effort were expended on this period of time as with the series Vikings, I think there would be a good lesson to learn. There is certainly plenty of material in the Qur'an and Hadith without inventing anything. We probably could not trust Anonymous to keep the secret.

Unknown said...

“This here is a pathetic case of an AMERICAN CITIZEN who was raised and conditioned to become a sub-human animal from his youth,.. The fact that David Wood tried to blame Islam for anything and everything possible,” -Osama Abdullah
@ Osama Abdallah,
Why do you blame David Wood for exposing Islamic ideology referring from your glorious book Quran? He didn’t miss-quoted any surah, so why do you complain about him?

You echoed President Obama’s sermon in today’s press conference that poverty made Muslims to be terrorist, not the Islam. But David Wood proved vice versa referring from Quran that Quran made literate/illiterate, rich/poor all walks of Muslims to become terrorists. Quran teaches Muslims to hate non-Muslims and those Muslims who oppose teaching of Quran.

Thus Muslims kill Muslims and non-Muslims and so called "good Muslims" remain silent afraid of Quran and Allah. You are afraid to go to Islamic State and preach that they are wrong. Are you not afraid Osama Abdullah? Please reply in your own word in nutshell and don't give link, if you are not a parrot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Osama,

You wrote:

"This here is a pathetic case of an AMERICAN CITIZEN who was raised and conditioned to become a sub-human animal from his youth, by being raised without any CHOICE."

Aren't you an American citizen Osama? I wasn't sure, but it seems that you're suggesting that being an American citizen was somehow related to his crime.

Secondly, this individual may well have been raised in a disadvantaged home, in a troubled neighbourhood surrounded by crime, but he most certainly did have choice. He chose go to the bus stop, he chose to stab those people and his chose to be a Muslim.

Now he can't have been forced to follow Islam because, as you said, Islam cannot be forced on people. This means that he must have chosen Islam for himself.

No-one is saying that he's a model Muslim or that we should invite him to the next inter-faith summit, but in the midst of the news running hot with atrocities done in the name of Allah, he chose to add his name to the list.

None of us can absolutely know what his motives were. Was this pre-meditated? (he was carrying a weapon but that's not unusual for Detroit, I guess). It seems he was using drugs which I know is against Islamic law, but Marijuana does not provoke people to violence, so that could not have been a factor in it.

What motivated Terence to become violent? None of us know for sure.

All we do know is that Terence Lavaron, professing to be Muslim, tried to murder some people at a bus. Testimony thus far seems to indicate that he asked them if they were Muslims just prior to the attack.

If this was a one off, or even an infrequent event, then you would be within your rights to assert this has nothing to do with Islam. But it is, sadly, not a one-off nor infrequent.

Unknown said...

AT Osama, the fellow converted to Islam and tried to kill folks and Christianity is to be blamed, Islamist must be applauding you because you are simply incredible, you simply have no pair, ha "unique" is the word i am looking for.....its seem to me you sold your soul(mind) a long time ago, only Jesus alone can reach you now......

Joseph said...

@ Osama

I no longer find you credible in the least of any sense. To me you are more akin to a stand up comedian, specifically for Islam.

You said - This here is a pathetic case of an AMERICAN CITIZEN who was raised and conditioned to become a sub-human animal from his youth,

Isn't it odd that most "Sub-Human Animals" who feed off of violence and rape, and who commit acts reflecting their core... are more often than anything else, muslim?

The correlation is astounding, but even more astounding is everything that comes out of your mouth regarding the issue.

@ everyone else - The reason why we don't hear more muslims speaking out against these sorts of things, is because they know they will end up sounding just like Osama.

And they would rather be silent - than considered insane.

Anonymous said...


I see you chickened out to another post now since you can;t refute anything from our previous interaction.

since its zionist this and zionist that why not bring in the illumanati next time LOL

Unknown said...

I love you osama. Habibi, you never fall you amuse us. I appreciate your hard work. In this day and age of beheadings by ISLAMIC MILITANTS (I don't care what obama calls then) , you my beloved are a beacon of laughter. Thank you for the laughs you bring in these dark "Islamic" ages. Thank you and keep the laughs rolling, LORD JESUS bless you.

Andy said...

@Osama -I think its best to not answer a fool according to his folly. Proverbs 26:4. Yet I find that a well reasoned response is in order lest he become wise in his own eyes. Proverbs 26:5. Wisdom is proven right every time he speaks since his words are utter folly.