Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Three American Muslim Teens Caught Trying to Join ISIS

I openly criticize Muhammad and the Qur'an, hoping to see many Muslims leave Islam. Because of this, I am called a racist, a bigot, a hate-monger, and an Islamophobe.

But tell me who's more loving:
(1) People who protect Islam from criticism, while young Muslim teens throw away their lives for the sake of jihad.

(2) People who try to convince these young Muslim teens that they shouldn't throw away their lives for a false prophet.
Until someone convinces me that it's okay to sit back and watch young Muslims destroy themselves and others, I'm going to try to show them the truth. And I'm going to do it because I love them.
Mohammed Hamzah Khan
CHICAGO (Washington Post) — Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, rose before dawn on Oct. 4 to pray with his father and 16-year-old brother at their neighborhood mosque in a Chicago suburb.

When they returned home just before 6 a.m., the father went back to bed and the Khan teens secretly launched a plan they had been hatching for months: to abandon their family and country and travel to Syria to join the Islamic State.

While his parents slept, Khan gathered three newly issued U.S. passports and $2,600 worth of airline tickets to Turkey that he had gotten for himself, his brother and their 17-year-old sister. The three teens slipped out of the house, called a taxi and rode to O’Hare International Airport.

Khan was due at work at 6:30 a.m. at a local home-supply store, so he knew his parents wouldn’t miss him when they woke up. The two younger siblings bunched up comforters under their sheets to make it look like they were asleep in their beds.

Their plan was to fly to Istanbul, then drive into Syria to live in the Islamic homeland, or caliphate, established by the Islamic State, the militant group that has massacred civilians in Iraq and Syria and beheaded Western journalists and aid workers.

Khan's Parents
The Khan teens, U.S.-born children of Indian immigrants, each left letters for their parents explaining their motives.

“An Islamic State has been established and it is thus obligatory upon every able-bodied male and female to migrate there,” Khan wrote. “Muslims have been crushed under foot for too long. . . . This nation is openly against Islam and Muslims. . . . I do not want my progeny to be raised in a filthy environment like this.”

His sister wrote: “Death is inevitable, and all of the times we enjoyed will not matter as we lay on our death beds. Death is an appointment, and we cannot delay or postpone, and what we did to prepare for our death is what will matter.”

In their letters, all three teens, who had grown up playing basketball and watching “Dragon Tales” and “Batman,” told their parents how much they loved them and asked them to join them in Syria, but made it clear they would probably never see them again, except in the afterlife. They begged them not to call the police.

In the afternoon, FBI agents knocked on the Khans’ front door, armed with a search warrant.

“For what?” asked the teens’ shocked father, Shafi Khan.

“Your kids have been detained at the airport, trying to go to Turkey,” an agent said.

“We were stunned,” said Zarine Khan, their mother. “More like frozen. We were just frozen.” (Continue Reading.)
To understand why so many young Muslims conclude that Islam commands them to wage jihad, watch this:


Unknown said...

Muslims are tamed by severe punishment like Saudi’s “Chop, Chop Square” where law breakers are beheaded with Islamic SHARIA LAW. These teens would not get courage to fight against their host country, if SHARIA LAW would have been applied to them. Democratic value is too much to digest for Muslims. Muhammad established Islam by sword and in 21st century Muslims want to establish 6th century Caliphates in America. What a shame for Muslim.

Dacritic said...

What can we say to these people? Perhaps the parents should be asked to hazard a guess, why did their children intend to join the IS and is that Islamic? From where did their children find the motivation to join IS? I would like to listen to the parents' response and if they will say their children have misunderstood and "hijacked" Islam.

Unknown said...

What a delusion! Just throwing away your lives for mohammed. Its time to expose this nonsense cult.

Unknown said...

You said it Dacritic.

I'm constantly amazed when these parents react with (apparent) shock and horror when their little darlings go fundamental.

Maybe they should have checked what was in their religion before they chose to indoctrinate their kids with it.

christ follower said...

Iqbal masih story.
must watch the story of pakistani boy who was sold for $12 dollar and died got killed in age of 12 for for figthing against slavery.

christ follower said...

What brave young muslim speaking againts islam teaching.must watch.

Ashi Lederer said...

As little children when in a public space they never saw their face covered mother. What a scary feeling for a child. It's no wonder they grow up crazy.

Dacritic said...

Something interesting I found online.

"I want you to mentally substitute 9/11 for the annexation of Czechoslovakia, Muhammad for Hitler, the Qur’an for Mein Kampf, and Islam for Nazism. “The pact of Munich [9/11] has awakened the American public as never before to the seriousness to the world and to themselves of the Nazi [Islamic] program and consequently to the possible significance of every page of the book that can justly be regarded as the Nazi [Islamic] gospel. Here, in its entirety, for the American people to read and to judge for themselves, is the work which has sold in Germany [the Nation of Islam] by the millions, and which is the best- written evidence of the character and spirit of Adolf Hitler [Muhammad] and his government. Mein Kampf [the Qur’an] gives the full flavor of the author’s mind, conveying his motivations.”
As if they were talking about the Qur’an and its author Muhammad, the translators said: “Hitler [Muhammad] was not an artist in literary expression, but a political profiteer often indifferent to grammar and syntax. Mein Kampf [the Qur’an] is a propagandistic essay by a violent partisan. As such, it often warps historical truth, sometimes ignoring it completely. We have, therefore, felt it our duty to accompany the text with factual information, which constitutes an extensive critique of the original. No American would like to assume responsibility for giving the public a text which, if not tested in the light of diligent inquiry, might convey the impression that Hitler [Muhammad] was writing history rather than propaganda.”
Fifty million people perished because we did not heed these words: “In conclusion, read Mein Kampf [the Qur’an] with a clear eye and the book will show you what manner of man der Fuhrer [the Prophet] is—one who as a boy had nothing excepting a passionate belief that Germany [the Nation of Islam] must obtain a larger place in the sun with the help of the sword. The engines of industry now spin round in trepidation, and the engines of war are piled giddily in higher and higher pyramids. Already the latter are all that really count—the former only serve to create an illusion. There will be no stopping this doctrine until in the world of ideas or ideals there are those which are stronger than those contained in Mein Kampf [the Qur’an]. It is our profound conviction that as soon as enough people have seen through this book, lived with it until its revelations are so startlingly vivid that all else is obscured by comparison, the tide will begin to turn.”
They said: “We have the deepest regard for the German [Arab] people... so we have elected to set down without malice, yet with all the truth that we can muster, the record of Hitler [Muhammad] and his Struggle [Recital].” Today, the stakes are even higher. With weapons of mass destruction, a billion may die in the wake of our ignorance. So in an attempt to postpone what may be inevitable, starting in the “Mein Kampf” chapter I will compare Hitler’s rant with the Qur’an, and Nazism to Islam. But between now and then, take a deep breath and continue to journey with me through the mind and moti- vations of Hitler’s twin, the Prophet Muhammad."